Bye, Baruchito
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RIP Baruchito. The flagship hamster of Baruchito's homeCage has passed away after struggling with the stress of a flea infection and the medication applied to it. Baru was just a couple of months shy of three years -- which is a venerable old hamster age. While he may not have been as notorious as certain late pancake-stacked pets, Baru still lived a full life of fuzzy cuteness and aaaawww-inspiring photos. Those of you with hamsters, won't you arrange them now in missing-man formation?
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Also see Baruchito's late cagemate Julita in a photo from the site I sent to CuteOverload.
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I hope Baruchito is in Hamster Heaven, not Hamster Hell.

Was he Saved by being washed in the Blood of the Gerbil?
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Don't worry orthogonality, I think the trial of Sisyphus would be fairly enjoyable for a hamster.
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From the comments:
no ,more fleas fleas are bad no more fleas flease are bad!!!!!!
You Flease SUCK.... get away from baru.
You can't hurt him, you disserve to DIE you ikky flease!
Fight them baru... baru!baru!baru!baru!

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see above
(I adopted a kitten who turned out to have a horrible flea infestation, and I'll be damned if these weren't the exact words going through my head, except, of course, for the baru!baru!baru! part)
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I like hamsters. They seem to have fairly unique personalities. We had six within the last three years and are down to one. They are extremely cute, but do have a vicious side. In one case, a hammie mauled his runt brother to death. Quite bloody. In another case, one got sick and died - before we got home it's cagemate ate it, leaving a few bones and some skin.
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I have always heard that hamsters are Satan's own little pocket pets, but Baru was a cutie, and I was rooting for the little guy before the end.

RIP Baruchito.
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I cried for three stinking days when we had to have our first hamster put to sleep.

I was in my thirties at the time.

Darn things just have too short a shelf life.
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On rereading, I also want to say: "flagship hamster." Brilliant.
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(from my eighteen Russian dwarf hams)
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