How Products are Made
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Step right up ladies 'n gents! See how to make just about verything from accordions to zirconium. They've got paint, unicyles, condoms and much much more! Diagrams included at no extra charge!
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If you aren't interested in any of those the home page has a lot more.
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Neat. Thanks.
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Very nice.
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Great links: a nice complement to How Stuff Works. Some things are better left unexplained, however. Remember what Otto von Bismarck said:
Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.
See here for more details about this concept.
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Great one.

A few years back a friend and I took a long cross-country road trip. We had no itinerary, but had some general principles to guide us. One of the principles was, "If we meet anyone who offers to show us how anything is made, we will take them up on it."

We really didn't get that opportunity, but it's still an excellent principle.

And lastly, here's one for those wiseacres who always want to know how they get the Teflon to stick to the pan....
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Well great, now I'm on the watch list.

Thanks, cool reference.
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That's awesome. Thank you.
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Posts like this are why I frequent Mefi.
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"(Zirconium's) most significant applications have been in various structural components of nuclear reactors."
I would have thought that most of it went into cubic zirconium pretend diamond jewelry on QVC shopping channel.
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See how to make

See how things are made

I thought it was going to show me how to make an accordion. Cool link anyways.
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This is a truly fantastic post and has been flagged as such. Thanks!
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Excellent site. I'm always a sucker for things that walk you through some random manufacturing process. (The closest now-a-days being some segments of "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery.) This site scratches that same well-wuhduhyano itch.

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Great post !
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icosahedral: You need to figure out when "How it's made" is broadcast in your area. The show depicts an amazing variety of manufaturing processes including glass, guitars, hockey sticks, candy, you name it! The entire show is just footage of the manufacturing processes with a voice over explaining what is being done.
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ditto on "how it's made". I'm constantly checking On Demand to see if there's a new episode up.
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for those interested in fabrication, I highly recommend looking into Neal Gershenfeld's work with fab labs at MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms. his book, Fab is a good read. more info

thank you for a great post. very cool.
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