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Vault Radio. Remember Wolfgang's Vault? They've now started releasing the massive amounts of music that they discovered via FM-quality 128k stream. The current rotation isn't huge (not much worse than commercial radio), but there's a lot of great stuff on there that you've never heard before, presumably.
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I am listening to Stevie Wonder performing "Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours" live from March 1973. Thank you.
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I listened to this for hours last night. They have some great recordings in the current rotation. I can't wait until they start releasing some of these concerts on CD.
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This is wonderful, thanks.
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I was about to post whining about it using a Flash player and ClearChannel not understanding music online, but then I decided to look closer, and found that the Flash player is just playing this MP3 stream, ready to be plugged into your music player of choice.
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(Or, say, this player, or this one.)
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And remember, it's not ClearChannel!
Clear Channel sold it before they realized that they had the chance to dick us over. Score one for humanity (at last).
Thanks for the digging mendel: I'm much happier not listening through my browser.
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Sorry, no items were found.

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Great - thanks, bigmike!
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