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The inside and underground look at the USAFA. Quite simply this is basically an underground e-zine of sorts focused on the United Stated Air Force Acadamy. A major part of the site is The Hate Machine, a flash cartoon featuring the Fightin' Ostriches. A read through eDodo is a good look into what the USAFA looks like inside the zoo.
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what excatly does this have to do with anything?
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Not all that interesting. 99% typical dorm college type stuff. What was the point?
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Interesting to learn that using drugs to rape their dates is considered either acceptable practice, or alternatively a source for humour among the US airforce. Explains a lot about recent events in Iraq.

Hasn't this been a problem for them in the past?
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What's the point of any post? If you think its a waste of time or noise flag it.
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I liked it. I laughed out loud at the 95 theses. Thanks for posting this. Would have never found it on my own.
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I think this is interestng. I wonder if there's something comparable for the other service academies.
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Great find. Like the ones where they try to fo riffs on a other cartoonists style.
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Second-to-last page.
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Oh, that's great, ortho.
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"In a related observation, the overtly religious character of the Air Force Academy tour was unexpected and represented, to many group members, one of the important general differences that exists between an American populace and political structure increasingly informed by religious values and a Canadian equivalent that is arguably more secular in its outlook and politics. The video introduction to the Academy included a heavy focus on the multi-denominational chapel that dominated the image that the Academy presented to us.

Likewise, the tour did not include any instructional or student areas, but included visits to the three major portions of that building, which was also pictured extensively on the goods available in the Academy’s gift shop. One group member’s recollection of the character of the West Point Military Academy, as it was in the winter of 2004, established that some of the more unexpected features of the Air Force Academy are not universal among American officer training systems. The prominence of the chapel, as part of the tour, underscored the centrality of religion that can exist at times of war. It also demonstrated that culture reflects what may be diverging values within the bi-national relationship."

PDF (Page 22)
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My Christian son jokingly refers to the chapel as a temple of Baal. What it is is an ecumenical building in which various and sundry services are held (if memory serves they even have regularly scheduled Buddhist services.)

I'm guessing that the main reason it's emphasized is the fancy architecture. It really is a stunning building. Great place to be married in, apparently.
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It is a beautiful building. Not many structures along those lines in America, it looks almost European to me.
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I looks like a frikkin weapon. Attach it to a large stick and it would look fitting among the WoW epics.
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For the curious, the Air Force Academy Chapel looks like this:


Warning on the door

Synagogue in the basement

Catholic chapel below the Protestant chapel

Protestant chapel on top, and another shot

Grounds beside the chapel, and another shot

Photos courtesty of: NASCA
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Sort of reminds me of the Cylon resurrection ship form Battlestar Galactica.
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I think I heard that the Battlestar Galactica designers were directly influenced by the USAFA chapel. They wanted something futuristic that felt vaguely religious. The chapel pretty much fits the bill.
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Temple of Baal because, gasp, heathen folk worship there in addition to the Christians?
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