Clemency time for Clinton.
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Clemency time for Clinton. Now that he's got just a few weeks left, President Clinton has the opportunity to let a few people go. While he may be pardoning corporate criminals like Tyson food executives and a couple drug offenders, I prefer this coalition's call for freeing all non-violent drug offenders and Leonard Peltier's request.
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If I may be so pretentious as to quote my own weblog:"Yeah, about as likely as high grade skunkweed falling from the sky like fresh snowflakes! Don't forget kids, this is the same guy who 'smoked but didn't inhale'."
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Kudos to Clinton for freeing Dan Rostenkowski, he was the victim of his political foes not some "fat cat." Or at least not as bad as the next politician. As for freeing drug dealers and know there is a reason they were in jail. This society is racist, yes, and the courts and juries are bias, that is true, but there are some people who should be in jail for the things that they do. Not every inmate is a miscarriage of justice. How could you pardon a guy like Leonard Peltier? This guy killed FBI you want some one like this walking the streets? I don't...
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It must be neat to be able to issue pardons like the Prez. Of course, Clinton may need his own in a few months/years. I hope they just leave Clinton alone.
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Rostenkowski pled guilty to two counts of mail fraud after being indicted on 17 counts of misusing public money, hiring ghost employees, and other fraud to the tune of more than $695,000 in taxpayer funds and campaign contributions. He's already served his prison sentence, so the pardon isn't setting him free, but he's no innocent victim.
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Bag Man:

Drug dealers & murderers are not the same thing. Read this article about first time offender sentenced to 24 years for drug involvement (thanks to mandatory sentencing laws) -- while murderers in her state average shorter sentences. Clinton did give her clemency.
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The presidential pardon is one of the few real checks and balances for a judicial system which often dispenses summary judgement at a fairly low level, and which makes it nigh-on impossible for those with inadequate funds, and who have often been badly let down by public defenders to appeal their cases. Fair play to Bill.
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