Pixel People - Minimalist Story Telling at Its Best
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Pixel People - Minimalist Story Telling at Its Best I was surprised to find this wasn't covered on MetaFilter since the creator seems to have gotten some press. Couldn't find anything via search though, so enjoy. (requires flash)
posted by willnot (3 comments total)
Can I ask a stupid question? The illustrations are so similar to the illustrations on Sissyfight, I'm really curious. Is there a particular software program being used here? Or the same artist?

Or is it all part of a design trend (japanese-flavored?) that I see at flipflopflyin and myriad other places on the web?
posted by acridrabbit at 3:35 PM on December 22, 2000

I just think it's a design trend. Louise of Louise Log likes to decorate her blog with her pixel people, and Amanda of narisma.nu has been drawing pixel people for a long time, over a year. (The site's on hiatus for now, but there's a good example of one of her pixelfolks on top of the current layout.)
posted by Electric Elf at 4:36 PM on December 22, 2000

Very keen.
posted by AndyGrossman at 11:53 PM on December 22, 2000

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