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The Hall of Best Knowledge "combines lush imagery with lucid prose—imagine the works of Chaucer projected on the ceiling of the Sistine hapel—creating a weekly learning experience that is without equal in this or any age." Updated weekly. A collection of hand-drawn typographic teachings on Flickr. (from Drawn!)
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Damn I wish I could draw like that. These are just fantastic.
posted by iconomy at 7:31 PM on February 10, 2006

Yeah, this is incredible stuff. Thanks!
posted by selfnoise at 7:32 PM on February 10, 2006

wonderful stuff! thanks!
posted by amberglow at 7:58 PM on February 10, 2006

That's pretty freaking awesome. I don't usually care for flickrfilter but this is a very pleasant surprise. Thanks a bunch, I'm gonna save all these.

Someone who knows the guy should get him to put them in print.
posted by BlackLeotardFront at 8:00 PM on February 10, 2006

This is the best thing I've seen on the front page in the longest time. Great find. Thanks!
posted by Miko at 8:05 PM on February 10, 2006

Yup. This is good stuff. Thanks!
posted by mmahaffie at 8:18 PM on February 10, 2006

I am going to use this one someday.
posted by exlotuseater at 8:39 PM on February 10, 2006

Another web-hero launches skyward, illuminating the heavens of the internets and showering us with tiny debris that burn just a little.
posted by meech at 8:47 PM on February 10, 2006

awesome. the variety of typography alone is amazing, and the text itself is brilliant.
posted by Joseph Gurl at 10:55 PM on February 10, 2006

Nice - thanks!
posted by Smedleyman at 8:56 AM on February 13, 2006

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