"My farts are incensed with genius"
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The strange story of Billy Yeager aka Jimmy Story the lost son of Jimi Hendrix aka independent film-maker extraordinaire.
I was wearing wigs and disguising myself as different kinds of people or sons of dead rock stars since 7th grade. I ran away at 13 years old. I lived in a tree house. I lost my virginity to a big fat girl who raped me on a hit of acid when I was 14 while her parents were in the living room watching All in the Family.

He's casting for a new film - albeit in a strange manner [swearing, violence, threats - maybe NSFW].
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From Jimmy's Story:

At first I told no one not even my fiancé but then after a while I started to smell like turpentine because I had to rub the dye off which was Rit clothes dye that I filled the bathtub up with and soaked my body. I also wore a fake nose made of clay because mine is small. Later I just stuffed a lot of napkins up my nose, which also made me sound more nasal and like Jimi Hendrix's voice.
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He had me at "hello."
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Actually, I think he's worthy of your Uwe Boll tag.
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I doubt Josh would approve.
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I was doing street contorsionism and busking ukelele style at the age of six after my teen deadhead mom left me with Hutterites and I just had to run away and be myself
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Billy plays every single musical instrument

Theremin? Clavichord? Concertina? Steel drum?

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Sounds like a pretty oddball director. Right up my alley.
posted by pancreas at 1:35 AM on February 12, 2006

Jimmy's Story Trailer
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He bewilders friends and family. His grandmother sends him a K-Mart application as a hint.

The grandmother sounds like the only member of the family with a clue.
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Bandwidth limit exceeded. Which is a shame - sounds fascinating.
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It's back up.
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Pornography: the documentary's origin and inevitable future.

Nah, sounds like and interesting guy. Not sure I want to see the movie, but I'll prolly read the reviews.
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Yikes, I was thinking of posting on the blue one day about my friend Billy, but wasn't sure how to do it justice. Glad someone broke the ice!

I could go on about how Billy is a reality hacker/con artist or that his aunt is Bunny Yeager, but all that has been momentarily eclipsed by the recent tragedy of Billy's former manager (featured prominently in Jimmy's Story):

"An angry Gerry Georgettis drove his SUV through the window of a car dealership, then torched the business. Four days later, he hung himself aboard a plane bound for Los Angeles."

Watching Billy on the TV news getting interviewed about Gerry was one of the very few times I have ever seen him not totally over the top full of bullshit.
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That's how I found Billy Yeager, funnily enough.
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Googling Gerry Georgettis (that is)
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BTW Bonefish - what's up with the Craigslist ad - is that for real?
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