Sublime Time: Part of The New York Art Scene 1974-1984
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The Downtown Show: The New York Art Scene 1974-1984 features, among many compelling pieces, works by Tehching Hsieh. Hsieh may be best known for his 1983-84 collaborative piece with Linda Montano, in which the two artists were tethered together at the waist with an eight foot rope -- for an entire year. [Previously mentioned here.]
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New York used to be an interesting place.

Cool post.
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A hot time to indulge in the art scene in New York.

Anyone remember the old Sculpture Associates shop?
And endless used electronics and crap browsing all along Canal Street.

And I still miss Exterminator Chili.
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Neat post, thanks. Loved this, from the interview with Carlo Mccormick:

This is also the first TV generation—not the first generation to have a television set, but the first generation to grow up really watching TV. Everyone in the first half of the show can remember Kennedy’s assassination and the artists from the second half know every episode of Scooby Doo by heart. That’s one of the origins of the postmodern: artists began to address media directly. We also have Kenny Scharf, the Club 57 kids, Keith Haring—all of them were ’fessing up to the fact that our parents were right—they told us that TV would rot our brains and it did. “Look, look at how rotten my brain is.” Its like, we’ve been eating candy and here are our rotten teeth.

Wasn't so sure about this, though:

...another thing that happens in the 1970s with the advent of Punk is nihilism. Punk turns away from radicalism’s failure, ultimately creating this template of apathy by which the “me” generation, which comes right after, is born and by which they are so misguided.

The greedy excess of the 80s "me" generation took as its starting point a "template of apathy" that sprung out of punk nihilism? I really kinda doubt that, although it sounds good.
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