Just because I'm your uncle doesn't mean I cannot love you the right way
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Happy Valentine's Day
to my favourite virgin.
I'd show you how much I love you,
but I don't feel like getting married.
The 8th Annual Pamie.com Valentine's Day Poems (previously on MetaFilter...)
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I'm taking this one!

You know me.
To the core.
You whisper sweet, sweet perfection
in my ear
and make my body tremble, twitch and groove.
when you get started
I moan in delight.
Even when you're being random
you still know how to
make me smile.
You are 6,678 wonderful reasons
to press Play every morning.
Oh, 40 60 gig iPod.
You are bliss.

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(this is good) ... no, make that (these are good).
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My favorite:

You know I love you.
We shower together.
And you make me stand in the drafty spot.
I don't complain.
I get a better view of your ass that way.

It's funny, 'cause it's true!
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These are fantastic, as is the archive.
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My delicate skin will not keep me from tikka marsala

Masala is the Indian cooking term. Marsala is a town in Sicily (and also a chicken dish?)

posted by mrgrimm at 4:09 PM on February 15, 2006

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