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RanXerox is a science fiction graphic novel series by Gaetano 'Tanino' Liberatore and Stefano Tamburini. "Ranxerox in New York" ran in the magazine Heavy Metal back in 1982. The series follows the adventures of the intensely violent robot named "RanXerox" and his pre-teen girlfriend Lubna. Still somewhat underground in popularity despite the game, the desktop theme, the t-shirt, the podcast (there were rumblings of a movie). The stories are dark satire. The adult artwork made it sophisticated enough to ban in some countries. (Some images NSFW, babelfish can help translate pages)
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More links:

Interview (In Italian)

More on Liberatore

And a comic encyclopedia article. (also in Italian)

That podcast is funky. I've always thought "Not Now John" by Pink Floyd with the clockwork feel of it more suited to Ranx.
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Wow. I had an issue of Heavy Metal at one point that had an installment of this. Really crazy stuff. I forgot about it. Thanks!
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Hmm, RanXerox looks like he might have inspired Batou from Ghost in the Shell.
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Man, this brings back memories. I read Heavy Metal religously around the time RanXerox was running in it. There were some other great artists in HM at that time too, like Moebius, Bilal, and Royo.

I wonder if it is still any good.
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I miss my Heavy Metal subscription.

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I remember reading this like it was yesterday, really good stuff. I'm going to enjoy this link in full later on but the appetizer was delicious!
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Ranx has always reminded me of Stephen King. I think it's the jaw.
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bobo123, that's an excellent point. I was trying to pinpoint who he reminded me of, and that's totally it.
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Hmm, so the moral of the story of RanXerox is that... even ugly people can be sadistic bastards?
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I was a regular (underaged) HM reader back then, before the mags decline. I always found the art in RanXerox to be so ugly it turned me off of the series. I know it was ugly with a purpose but still, it puts me off.
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I feel old. Yes, I too read Heavy Metal when ranXerox ran. Unfortunately, Heavy Metal slowly turned into a fairly lousy mag. Or else I grew out of it. Not sure which.
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squarehead wins, with a nice dose of eponysteria to boot.
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Ah, memories of youth... Ranx comics. My favorite quote, "Glue? I'm not going to sniff it. I'm going to shoot it."
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Ohh yeah. This due was the shit. And the shit was bananas!
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I understand that Liberatoire's art was all created with watercolor markers, a nearly unimaginable feat. There were also English-translated NBM editions of both HM stories.
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Wow, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I'd totally forgotten about the awesomeness of Heavy Metal in its youthful glory.
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BTW, on the subject of vintage Heavy Metal, we had a chance to watch Enki Bilal's Immortel directed by the man himself. It wasn't terribly good, but it had some moments and it really did feel like stepping into an old issue of Heavy Metal. Worth checking out.
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Wow I had no idea there was a Bilal flick. I have been thinking about his Hunting Party since sunday.
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There was also a Zappa album cover featuring Frank as RanXerox: The man from Utopia. The back shows the same scene from behind, but I can't find an image right now.
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At 14, Ranxerox was the Heavy Metal cartoon most certain to freak me the fuck out.
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