Tired of Christmas music?
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Tired of Christmas music? I reckon so. I sure understand. Still, trust me on this. You're in for a treat. We're Just Three Kings gives me goose pimples on the back of my neck every time I hear it. Most know about mp3c, but few wanna dig around in there. It's like falling into a record bin big as Cleveland. Here let me help you. I'm recommending only sure-things here - Tamashiro's What Child Is This is straight-forward, no-nonsense, feelgood Christmas fare. Liona Boyd's instrumental guitar is heavenly background music that would warm the heart of the coldest Grinch. If you find yourself surprised with a need to have free Xmas music real fast, it's just a pooter away, Santa Baby.
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The classics are always good, but one Christmas song that I never get tired of is RUN DMC's Christmas in Hollis.
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I got some xmas mp3s for you right here...http://xmastunes.tripod.com. Including the aforementioned "Hollis", as well as the Busta Rhymes/Jim Carrey "Grinch Theme" redux (must be heard), NKOTB's "Funky Funky Christmas", and many other new-school (and old-school) holiday classics. Word.
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Fountains of Wayne have also found a way to provide y'all with some holiday joints to pump from those teeny little comp speakers.
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This is cool, you guys--thanks.

And happy holidays to y'all.
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I'm not ashamed to admit that I love Barenaked Ladies/Sarah McLachlan's version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (We Three Kings)." It's super good. Rest assured, the MP3 of the live recording is freeware, offered through Nettwerk. (Mirror here.)
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Uh.. guys? Maybe I didn't make myself very... there's better music out there than the crap top40 BS that the mass media shoves down everybody's throats. Barenaked Ladies? Run DMC? Sarah McLachlan? They're okay I guess but I'm talking about stuff that won't rot your brains out. All year long there's Ginger MacKenzie, Cory Sipper, The Touch, Kathy Fisher, Rick Yost, Halley DeVestern, Kristy Kruger, Kickstand... Well okay Kickstand may rot your brains out too.. I mean why seek out stuff you can already get elsewhere when there's so much more great stuff available on the 'Net that you can't easily get anywhere else? We may just be on different wavelengths here.
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RUN DMC rot our brains? Crap? Hey bro, chill out, it's only music don't take it, or yourself, so seriously. Part of Christmas music is having fun...no harm in that once in a while. It may not cool to listen to top 40, but people should listen to music that they like, whatever the reason, not music that they should like according to people like you. We can't all be triadically hip like you. Besides, RUN DNC is hardly top forty, nor has it really been "popular" for a long time.
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dont forget GNR. they will rot your brains out bettern all ofem
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