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The sad aftermath of the Rwanda genocide.
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Rwanda shows why we don't need to get rid of the UN, we need to improve and empower it.
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"No person has the right to punish themselves," said Benoit Kaboyi, executive secretary of Rwanda's largest association of genocide survivors. "They have to suffer for what they have done."

That's just silly. And suicide isn't always irrational (although saying that scares a lot of people). Suicide for many people means the only thing they can control, when everything else is out of their control. I would be willing to wager that for many of these people it was about that - as well as a sense of justice/remorse/conscience that they deserved death for their crimes.
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This might be an appropriate place to post this (NYTimes) as a follow up to this cambodia thread. Sigh. Genocide filter is depressing.
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Thanks for the article
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