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Oprheus, is said to be the founder of The Orphic Mysteries, or Orphism. While in school most students are taught the Theogony of Hesiod, but as in most religions, a differing account existed: The Orphic Theogony, summarized somewhat in this short video (nsfw? abstract nudity). The Orphic Reform to the Dionysian Mysteries included vegetarianism, abstention from sex, and restraint from eating eggs and beans — which came to be known as the Orphikos bios, or "Orphic way of life". Initiation into the Mystery school was needed to teach the Road to the Lower World, through Bone Tablets and papyrus remnants of Orphic Hymns. The Orphic Mystery has been seen as very similar to other religions. (scroll about 2/3 down the page or search for Orphics).
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This is not to be confused with orphism, the art movemnt in the early 1900's.
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Themes from Orphic rites show up in freemasonry, and Orphism got mixed up alot with Mithraism and early Christianity, too, from what I understand.
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Wow. This looks too interesting to graze at work, thanks. I don't see Black Orpheus mentioned, which is perhaps more about the myth of Orpheus than the mysteries, but still worthy of note.

Looks neat, thanks!
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great post!
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superb post, thanks
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and restraint from eating eggs and beans

But the unregenerate hankered after beans, and sooner or later rebelled.
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Excellent post, thanks.
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