Take One Museum
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Take One Museum on BBC Four is the Russian Ark of documentaries as expert Paul Rose looks around a museum, with the help of some tour guides in one take over a thirty minute period. I caught the tail end of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum episode and he seemed like a man of great enthusiasm. Much like New York's Museum of Modern Art's podcast official and unofficial, an audio podcast version of the show is available so that a visitor to the actual museum can cover the same ground with the aid of their mp3 player. Excellently, it's the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester next week so I'll definitely be going there again soon to see what this is like.
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It's a really cool idea. It appears, at least to me, that the content may be locked to everyone outside of the UK, but that may be me, I haven't checked it from another router.
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Fantastic, thanks!
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Ooh, excellent. The one tomorrow night is about my near neighbour.
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i love russian ark. just so you know.
posted by 6am at 11:38 AM on February 20, 2006

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