Gone to underground
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The real Jewish Underground — During the Nazi occupation of World War II, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian Jews were killed or transported to Nazi concentration camps. In 1942 and 1943, thirty-eight men, women, and children aged 4 to 74 years survived by living underground in two caves for nearly two years (their 344 day stay in Priest's Grotto beat Michel Siffre's 1972 NASA research study.) Emerging at night to cut firewood and steal food, these unwilling troglodytes returned to the cave before dawn to avoid capture. Spelunker Chris Nicola first discovered their survival story (PDF, pp. 6-12) in 1993.
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This is a fantastic post, cenoxo. I'm still in the middle of the NSS article (the PDF), which is simply gripping.
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Seconded. Great post.
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Thank you for this post. I stumbled across "Babi Yar" as a nine year old precocious reader and have never quite been the same since. The entire period of history is one of horror and inhumanity. About four years ago, I was honored to be permitted to attend a remembrance in Pittsburgh and to listen to the stories of some of the last remaining survivors of Auschwitz. May they rest in peace.
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Incredible story, thanks for the post.
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Excellent post. I had never heard of this, it is fascinating on so many levels - caving, darkness, the Holocaust, endurance, archaeology....
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What an amazing episode; absolutely riveting. Good work.
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The group had no special experience or equipment. What they did have was each other, a few helpful friends above ground, and the will to survive. In the end it would be enough.

I imagine Osama bin Laden in a cave in Pakistan.

Outstanding post cenoxo. A Number One. Fascinating subject and well-researched links.
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thank you for this
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A post like this is why I love Metafilter. Thank you!!!
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This is one of the most remarkable things I've seen on MeFi. Many thanks for the post.

My mother decided, we're not going there. She told my brother, 'Go to the forest, find some place for us.'

A remarkable woman. More people should be like that.
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Well done, cenoxo.
Anyone recall/know of a novel/short story based on these people?
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Thanks for putting this up, cenoxo.

Here are the Coral Cache equivalents in case the Priest's Grotto and Chris Nicola Geocities links are balky.
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Excellent post. Their will to survive was amazing; I only hope I could be half as strong.
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Wow. This is absolutely riveting.

In Hebrew School we studied and read a lot about the Holocaust. We heard horror stories and we heard amazing stories of survival. None, however, were quite like this. Truly remarkable.
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amazing... thanks, cenoxo!
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Exellent reading, thanks!
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Excellent work.
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I've read this story in print somewhere -- probably the NSS news, and was utterly fascinated by it. As to Siffre, I've been to the cave where he did his long stay in '72, and know a few folks that were on the support team. It's really one beautiful cave. (WARNING: SELF LINK!) Here's some pics I took there in '95.
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Great FPP.
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(DR, Thanks for the great photos.)

The story of Michel Siffre's Midnight Cave experiment, Six Months Alone in a Cave, is in the March 1975 National Geographic. It was sponsored by NASA to study biological and psychological effects of long space flights.

Although Siffre spoke by phone with his support team on the surface, he was completely alone inside the cave, without physical human contact or any artificial way to count time. He had plenty of food and water, electric light, books, and experimental chores (including self-portraits), but isolation took its toll as noted in his journal:
156th Day (July 18, Cycle 130)

Panic! Stark, unreasoning panic! Today—what a mockery of a word in this timeless cave!—I scrape the mildew from a magazine and read that bat urine and saliva can transmit rabies through the air. I am in no such danger from the long-vanished bats, but I don't know that at the time. And for the eternity I have spent in Midnight Cave, I've been absorbing the foul ash of their droppings with every breath.
In my journal I scrawl this disorganized—but true—sentence:

"When you find yourself alone, isolated in a world totally without time, face-to-face with yourself, all the masks that you hide behind—those to preserve your own illusions, those that project them before others—finally fall, sometimes brutally."
Siffre came out when he thought 175 days (counted as sleep-wake cycles) had passed, but in reality he spent 205 full days underground. How this affected his natural biorhythms is explained in his 1987 article, The Time of Our Lives.
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thank you so much for your post! it's a fascinating story of survival is such a desperate time. wonder why it's not a movie yet?
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Apparently a movie is being developed, and slide shows can be scheduled.
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thank you, cenoxo! much obliged for your trouble!
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