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Can I get an amen? An installation featuring an acetate pressing of a well worded spoken piece about copyright law, creative commons, culture and even advertising from the perspective of the history of the now ubiquitous Amen Break featuring audio samples of songs and artists from the well known to the unusual. Please feel free to use this mirror of the video indicated on the project description page with the entirety of the audio of the acetate at (34MB MP4/Quicktime, majority of video portion consists of various views of the turntable, but the audio is quite good.)
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posted by loquacious at 1:01 AM on February 23, 2006

Really interesting. Thanks for posting this here, and I hope you don't get a lot of "it was on boing boing" naysayers.
posted by piratebowling at 1:53 AM on February 23, 2006

Agreed. A friend sent this to me yesterday (I don't read BB kthx) and I found it fascinating.
posted by beerbajay at 2:17 AM on February 23, 2006

See also
posted by gsb at 2:43 AM on February 23, 2006

The same artist was responsible for Bassline Bassline (previously posted), which is well worth a watch. I'm surprised no one mentioned Can I Get An Amen? in that thread, as it's the reason I stumbled across it, but I guess I'm not the only one who forgot.

The audio does work really well on it's own, I'm surprised there isn't an MP3 of it floating around.
posted by drill_here_fore_seismics at 3:09 AM on February 23, 2006

A fantastic early morning listen - thanks!
posted by RubberHen at 4:56 AM on February 23, 2006

This is truly great, interesting stuff, loquacious. thank you for posting it here. I'm going to send it to about 20 people.

I love the aesthetic of the Quicktime focused on the disk, then the room. The narrator made me think of This American Life.

posted by ParisParamus at 5:14 AM on February 23, 2006

It's a bit like being backed up against the wall at a party-from-hell by a very dull man. I keep looking over his shoulder in hopes that I spot someone I just have to say hello to, but there's no escape. It's quite funny how he sneers at "chinstroking intellectual self-indulgence", though. Hmm.
posted by Grangousier at 6:11 AM on February 23, 2006

[this is good]
posted by everichon at 9:23 AM on February 23, 2006

I saw this back in November. Doesn't change the fact that it is way way good.
posted by jann at 10:42 AM on February 23, 2006

Saw this the other day, and I agree with everyone else. It is really interesting.
posted by jefbla at 11:05 AM on February 23, 2006

Thanks for the post
posted by Outlawyr at 11:52 AM on February 23, 2006

LOL Stanton 500 cartridge+stylus. And he even talks about how short the life of an acetate is. When you play it with a nail through a board it is...
posted by oats at 4:59 PM on February 23, 2006

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