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The New Deal Network from the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute has articles, photographs, and other collections of material about the Great Depression and the New Deal. There are selections from the slave narratives collected by the Federal Writers Project, an account of the Harlan County mine wars from John Dos Passos, and enough stuff to waste time keep busy for days.
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The page interface is irritating. In many places, when you follow a link to an item, you'll get a description of it. You then have to follow another link towards the end of the description to actually see the article or picture.
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I already knew about this, and I agree that the interface sucks. But it's got some great stuff in it. We'll never have another first couple as amazing as the Roosevelts.
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Great link
The Document Library is excellent
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Wonderful resource, thanks!

If technology had worked out differently, all of us might be reading MeFi via Radio Newspaper:
The possibilities are unlimited. As events take place, as history is made, the facsimile machines will produce directly in the home a contemporaneous printed record. No newspapers will be able to compete. Facsimile will be faster, more convenient, cheaper. At the trivial cost of the rolls of paper and the electric current, the audience will be supplied with more printed matter than it can read.
It could have worked like this, but whatever the hardware, that reading prediction still came true.
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They say in Harlan County there are no neutrals there.
You’ll either be a union man or a thug for JH Blair.
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Awesome FPP! Thanks so much. I'm particularly pleased that you pulled out the Dos Passos article. I just finished reading the USA Trilogy a couple of months ago.
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The photoessay on Carbon Hill, AL is excellent.
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Great post. Thanks.
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