Do you think she's missing anything?
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(COMICS NERD FILTER) Have you, like me, ever imagined that that somebody could convince a woman that looks remarkably like Katee Sackhoff to portray Power Girl in a fan film about Kara's search for a "real job?"

Imagine no more. Ambitious for a fan film, quite entertaining and the rewards for True DC Comics Fans are quite abundant.
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According to various rumors and anecdotes, artist Wally Wood intended to draw her chest larger in each issue until the editors noticed,

awesome. it's a shame he didn't get to do it.
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Breasts of the web.
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Now we know the name of Nicholas Cage's future daughter...
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You can't have a Power Girl post without linking to Dave's Long Box's BOOB WAR CLIMAX! Everybody Loves Power Girl!
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You could take that first scene and stick it on a porno and it would fit right in.
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I was curious what Power Girl looks like, and found this nice PhotoShop tutorial.

From Marvel's 'What if' #34: "What if Wonder Man were a woman, and Power Man were a girl?"
We advise you not to run this gag -- your Distinguished Competition
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Aw, man. I can't believe I forgot to link to Dave.
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I can't believe the comics blogosphere is merging with MeTa.

Worlds will live! Worlds will die!
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Nice ones.
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Not that I'd admit to reading the boards in question, but Power Girl's boobs were SO popular on DC's own message boards that the heavy hand of bannination and moderation burst them like two big BIG balloons.

Personally, I'd like to know why boobs are so big, yet so few mainstream male superheroes have huge HUGE baskets. Hmph.
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What a cool little film! The actress playing Power Girl and the writers really got the character right. Much love for the Booster and Beetle scene. Heh.

LOL big b00bs aside, I really like Power Girl as a character*, certainly more so than that other Kara that's flying around in the DCU now. She seriously needs her own book, preferably with Amanda Conners drawing it. I'm pretty sure her own arc in JSA Classified sold well, with said Conners doing the pencils. C'mon, DC!
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That guy likes the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks it seems.
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That was hilarious.
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I really like Power Girl, but I thought that film was terrible. I guess I'm one of those hypercritical net fanboys, but I only got halfway through before I couldn't take any more. The only thing it had going for it was how great the actress looked in the costume... she was definitely a beauty, and that costume was great. Once she opened her mouth, though, that was it. She sounded like Dr. Girlfriend. The soundtrack was awful, the acting was bad, and the set choices just didn't make sense. I mean, why is a guy trying to return a Dell computer to an office?

I'd second smackfu... there was a definite porn aesthetic there, and I would have been much happier if it did turn out to be porn. Or at least apartment wrestling.
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having finally watched the thing:

ah, if only it were entertaining.
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Paging #15556.
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"Tawnya" (the name of the actress) suggests someone trying to break into "proper acting".

I'm not a comic book geek, so I'd never heard of Power Girl, but I was surprised at the competency of the video. The concept just sort of chugged along in the film without anything interesting being done to it. Yet it felt more like professional mediocrity, rather than amateur. So I commend them on that. Sure, I think some lighting and glare problems would have been slightly improved under professionals, but I was really surprised.

Also, I felt uncomfortable, in the context of the film, that the lecher was a Black man. I mean, he was the only visible minority to appear (as far as I recall, definitely the only Black person) and all he does is drool over the Aryan √úbermensch. Then he gets his comeuppance from that √úbermensch. I'm not suggesting they should have tossed in some token "good Black" (positive portrayal for every negative portrayal and all that), just that the scene acquired racial baggage the way it was done. When a work doesn't portray a multicultural world, its creator(s) should be very careful when introducing minorities.
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Katee Sackhoff is certainly the best thing ever to have been associated with Battlestar Galactica, save the voices of the original Cylons.
This video is the best thing to have emerged from the dust cloud of desperate re-imagining that surrounds DC Comics, just so long as you don't forget to mute it, and look away for long stretches.
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Still, Batman could totally kick her ass.
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they put so much work into the costume. If only they had put that much effort into acting, scripting and directing.
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<subject change=true>I was offline when I read this thread and I noticed Google Ads combined Dell Computer with DC Comics to get Dell Comics. Interesting accident. I wonder what other crazy accidents happen with Google Ads. If a page contained "play with the boy" might they have a link to playboy?</subject>
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