Innovation outside of the commercial spectrum.
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It has always amazed me what people will do for free and how much innovation goes on outside of the commercial videogaming industry. Gamehippo, Caiman, Acid-Play, Noodan and Planet Freeplay collectively have thousands upon thousands of freeware games of varying quality, with everything from Super Mario clones to completely original titles.
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Cool. Thanks for these. Planet Freeplay looks especially promising. There are also some good independent developers out there offering demos and freeware:

Revolution Software
Introversion software (makers of Darwinia)
Hermitgames (makers of Super Mario Pac)

And you can't forget the homebrewers, who are still developing titles for such defunct console systems as the Dreamcast, Vectrex and Atari.
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This is gonna take some looking through, but thanks in advance.
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very cool--thanks, pancreas!
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