Products of slave labor
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From the Hands of Slaves: Common products of forced labor. [Via MoFi.]
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Thanks for the link, homunculus. The chocolate thing ("They are eating my flesh.") hit home. From now on, I'll pay more attention to what I buy, and from whom.
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The average American consumes 170 pounds of sugar each year

Sorry. Nowhere close. And don't even try the "Do you know how much corn syrup is in those Cheetos/Hot Pocket/Tuna Helper?" gambit on me, cause I know about that and don't eat them either.

Thanks for the link, though the list is far shorter than I would've guessed.
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Sorry. Nowhere close. And don't even try the "Do you know how much corn syrup is in those Cheetos/Hot Pocket/Tuna Helper?" gambit on me, cause I know about that and don't eat them either.

Fine, fine, we get it, you aren't AVERAGE.
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There are many more products that are produced from forced or unfree labour; I think these are just meant to be a short list of products to get people thinking.
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Wait a second. I abhor slavery, obviously, but I think it's a kind of cruel trick if I innocently walk into a shop, see a nice tempting bar of chocolate, eat it, and someone suddenly says "You're eating someone's flesh you bastard!" I mean, I'm not the slave-driver am I? I'm not responsible for market deregulation in Africa, nor for the world economic situation! It's governments, producers, corporations, etc. who are the ones to blame! Not the consumers. Of course, consumers are the only ones with enough of a conscience to do anything about the situation, by choosing not to eat certain things, but they shouldn't have to do that, there should be other safeguards in place to prevent the products of slavery being sold in Western countries! You can't place the responsibility with the consumer! I am not saying consumers should choose to remain ignorant of the situation, I am just saying that they are not directly to blame for it.
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but, perhaps monkey if the consumer is aware of where there product is from and under what conditions it is produced his IS somewhat culpable if he continues to buy the product, especially if it is a luxury item like a bar of chocolate
posted by edgeways at 2:58 AM on February 25, 2006

Also not to detract from your worthwhile link homunculus.
Mokey - its a question of awareness and also sad to say of apathy. Boycotts work viz. S. African produce during apartheid. If you aren't part of the solution you are probably part of the problem.
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So this blame-free consumer... are they also a citizen, perhaps also a voter?

(and, as edgeways says, once the consumer is aware of the provenance of this chocolate bar, bloody oath they're responsible)
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Technically it is not slavery as they are paid for their work and could refuse to work , slaves can't do that.

It is more like indentured servitude worsened by the fact you still are an illegal immigrant.

It's evident all the research and development promises of private sector are empty promises..why do we still need that much manual unskilled labor ? And if they are otherwise skilled, why isn't market offering them appropriate wages tied to a strong demand ?

I guess this happens because the market is being distorted somewhere ..could it be that distribution is obtaining 500% or more profit on each tomato/lettuce/whatever reaching your plate ? Could it be that workers are forced to work long hours and at miserable wage because somebody wants to obtain enormous unjustifiable profits ?

Imagine what will happen they day Monstanto or other genetic crop engineers will charge PER SEED ? It's a nightmare
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I'm surprised that miniature Christmas lights were not mentioned. I read an article once on how the Chinese are forced to make these in prison camps and I acually put my Christmas tree up without lights and spent much time on EBAY finding vintage (made in the USA pre 1980's) lights.

What's sad is that even if you try as hard as you can to find slave labor free products , you often do not have a choice (ie, just try to find a pair of tennis shoes made in America).
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From now on, I'll pay more attention to what I buy, and from whom.

It's the best, and for most people the only way, to change the world.

To give an example: when the beef industry was told by the govt to stop feeding cows ground up brain bits which was causing the spread of a virus, they balked and said it was too costly and couldnt be done. When McDonalds burger sales started to drop because of public fears of the safety of meat, the meat industry changed its practice within weeks. There are other examples like that. You have to hit them where it hurts: McDonalds, WallMart, Home Depot

Another thing is become aware of labels. For example the lumber industry will label lumber that comes from sustainable forests, it's called the Forest Stewardship Council and lumber is labeled "FSC". Home Depot has it, look or ask for the label before you buy an old growth rainforest tree by accident.
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Thanks for the link homunculus, and I agree that responsibility has to be taken by the consumer but how many people really care about these awful stories when you can buy more and more things for cheaper and cheaper?
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Thanks for the link. Good work.
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Thank you for the link.
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Very nice link, thanks
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wow, thanks for this - I missed it the other day. You post worthwhile, substantive things to think about, homunculus - thanks.
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