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Gunkanjima or Battleship Island is 480 x 160 meters and was home to more than 5000 people. Abandoned for more than 40 years it is a microcosm of 20th century industrial development. A soundtrack to the photos. Or take the multimedia tour. Urban exploration.
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Suggested by concreteforest.
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What a great post! One of my great regrets about living in Japan is that I didn't try to go here (via bribing fisherman, wiles, etc).
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See: also.
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I've always loved pictures of Gunkanjima.
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I wish I weren't such a huge chicken about trespassing. I'd love to take up urban exploration.

Awesome post, btw.
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This looks like a great setting for a piece of IF. nice post!
posted by fFish at 1:52 AM on February 25, 2006 a dystopian vision of Myst.

(Another movie here.)
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Those Mika Björklund recordings are a magnificent find. Thanks!
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Fantastic post!
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Great post, it looks an incredible place.

The first link mentions a documentary at the end of the article - you can see a small clip of it here.
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Cool post!

Interestingly, one of the directors of the documentary, CM von Hausswolff, is a noted sound artist and also the King of Vargaland (he co-founded the Kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland). Elgaland-Vargaland is an autonomous region made up of the world's border areas - those places in between nations that don't belong to either. Check it out here. Those crazy Swedes.
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Very interesting. The urban exploration is much better than the multimedia tour, but I guess that goes without saying.
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fFish: Reminds me of "the day after" (post-Russia vs US-gone-nuclear)
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As keswick said, Gunkanjima has been discussed before, but - ye gods! - thanks for bringing it back. It is eerie and beautiful...and totally captivating.
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Great post. Mefi on Saturdays is always a wonderful read, like a big newspaper.
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thats for the credit, arse_hat. Hmmm..that sounds like a back handed compliment, but it's your handle, not me! Keswick's article was the first place I heard about it.

For those in Japan that want to visit this place, the closest option that I've found was mentioned in this article - apparently there are boats that go out and circle the island. They don't land, of course.
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Great post! And the urban exploration photos: some of the most scary images I have ever seen.
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I love this place, I posted it on my site Red Ruin a couple months ago. Today I posted links to a HUGE Japanese urban ruin photo site. It has gunkanjima and much MUCH MUCH more.
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