Perfect for your own personal batcave.
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Creative Home Engineering is a registered contracting company that adds value to homes by integrating silent, automated, hidden passageways. [note: flash]
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posted by crunchland at 1:55 PM on February 28, 2006

I wish I were cool enough to deserve this.
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You, sir, have appealed to my inner geek. That is so cool.
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Put... the candle... back!
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$1500 for a kit! That's actually pretty reasonable.
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This is what my apartment needs.
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I will give one million dollars* to the person who recreates the Clue mansion.
* To be paid in Monopoly money.
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$10,000 would be reasonable if it included a bribe to the building inspector.
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I know it's passe to say, but octothorpe wins.
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Awesome. I remember always wanting a house with a secret passage as a kid. I loved shows which featured secret hallways and rooms such as 'Tenspeed and Brown Shoe'.
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Coolest. Thing. Ever!

I recall visiting the Salem Witch House in Salem, Mass. years ago and the tour guide said that most large homes of the era had secret rooms/passages so they could hide furniture, etc from the tax collector, rather than, for example, hiding the candlestick after a brief meeting with Colonel Mustard.

Good stuff.
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Funny, I was just looking for a place to keep my batmobile.
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My father-in-law wanted to put a secret passage in his custom-built house for his twin sons, but the opening through their upstairs-closets to the basement would have needed a ladder down that ended over a staircase, which is a building code no-no. Sadly, the housing plans were too far down the road to find another solution.

Also: when I visited my sister (who was staying in a Ronald McDonalds house near a children's hospital for reasons too depressing to mention here), I was looking at the kids' library, lined with various bookshelves. I opened the doors to one, and instead of books, found a passage up a curved staircase. The top floor rotunda was the highest room in the building, was round with huge pillows all the way around it, and windows all the way around. It was exactly the kind of "hidden" room a kid would love.

I am determined to provide something similar to my kids, either in my current house or my next one.
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I seem to recall a web page put up by someone who home-built a similar hidden room... to hide his collection of "real dolls". Though maybe I shouldn't admit to having seen that.
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davejay, be sure not to tell your kids about it. Let them discover it on their own!
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Secret passages are overrated. They lead to basement dungeons far less often than you might expect.
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Am I the only one who's Firefox browser immediately resized upon performing a right-click-open-new-tab on the link? Cause I'm pissed, and I'm wondering why ya'll aren't.
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Didn't do it to me.
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Didn't resize my browser either, but they don't seem to credit Moby anywhere for the music (it's "Down Slow", off of "Play").
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The closet in my childhood room opened on the other end into my parents' closet. It used to be fun to vanish from my room and appear in theirs wasn't. ("My eyes! Oh God! My eyes!" You get the picture. Yeesh.)
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odigity: mine resized to about half width, then resized back to full screen. I have no idea why it did that, but I'll admit its annoying when a website resizes your browser.
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Pretty f-ing cool! Of course, I was just at the Anne Frank House a couple of weeks ago, where the idea of a secret room had a meaning far beyond fun.
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We didn't have a secret passageway, but we used to escape down the laundry chute from our bedrooms, bypassing the ground floor into the basement.
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Just in the way the animation is done the chair turning into a slide is creepy. (In video->animations).
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I've always wished for a tunnel, or any kind of hidden place where I can pick off intruders with my composite bow.
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mammary16 writes "I've always wished for a tunnel, or any kind of hidden place where I can pick off intruders with my composite bow."

Thats' like something out of The Burrow by Kafka.
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What's that? A teddy bear?

Pick it up.

Hey, there's a note on it! Lemme see...

"Turn around"

What the - THUNK!

Damn that arrow smarts!
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Did anyone else think "Scooby Doo" when they saw the revolving fireplace?
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