1) Buy webcam. 2) Put something you found around the house in your hair. 3) ????????? 4) Profit!
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One of the great virtues of the internet is the manifold ways in which it has revolutionised the arts. The postmodern works of contemporary artists Pomme & Kelly (Google Video), when viewed together in context, form a striking example of a well-placed critique of popular culture, and modern living at large. The zeitgeisty meta-irony of their seemingly content-free interpretations of popular songs are only enhanced by the fact that, in a clever keeping with style, they blog about it as well.
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(via Jazper [in Dutch])
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Excellent use of the 'ogodwhy' tag.
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Way too many smilies in the blog entries. Is that what the kids do these days?
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I kept wondering what "XD" meant. I guess it's like a "squinting and laughing" emoticon thing.
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all I can say is this post is no pig in a cannon.
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Shania Twain isn't even pretending to be country anymore, is she.
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That's five minutes in the penalty box, and I don't want to hear "zeitgeisty meta-irony" out of you again.

"'Counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor...' Death's too good for them."
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If this is a commentary on modern life, the comment is "Modern life is full of idiots, just look at us."

Maybe they could come up with something that every 12 year old with acess to a video camera hasn't done.
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My favorite was "Toxic". Admittedly, I couldn't' sit through much of any but there is that car crash thing going on. Yeah, Toxic I laughed out loud, but Britney has been making me laugh a lot lately. Terrific post.
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Well, they've certainly found a niche. I can't say I'm happy for them, though. I'm a bitter old man.

I wish when I was a boy of fifteen I had access to a webcam, broadband, and Google Video. My friends and I did these bizarre little art films, one of which was set to a Les Baxter song and involved a mate of mine dancing in a Goofy mask and quilt while the other laughed hysterically. Hey, if Pomme & Kelly can be sensations, then why couldn't "two red-headed geeks and a fat kid with glasses" make the Best of the Web?
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this reminds me of how lousy pop music is. i wonder if the girls know it... they certainly portray it in a kitschy, surface-only way :) that being said, i'm not going to read the blog. :)
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This would have made an excellent April 1st article. While I get much amusement out of referring to these girls as "contemporary artists" and describing their work as "postmodern" and full of "zeitgeisty meta-irony," I don't really hold it against them. When I was a kid, my friends and I recorded things much dumber than this (on an audio tape). We didn't put them on the internet, but that might just be because it was the 80s.

teletype1: quote from the "About" page:
"we pick some songs (which are often very lame...)"
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Where's the link to the two Chinese guys who did this first?
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wow, are there people getting legitimately upset over these girls? Have... I mean... didn't you... did you sleep through your adolescence?

btw, gnfti, this post is awesome. bonus points for the excellent use of the "batshitinane" tag.
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I'm not sure which is pomme and which is kelly...
but the brunette?
"I'd hit it."
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I feel like I just put myself on some FBI watchlist somewhere for watching that.

You can add us to msn at...

Now what possible good could come from advertising that to the world? That just makes my stomach ball up in a knot.
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If I find my old tape recorded homemade radio shows that I did when I was 10, can I put them online as examples of pop culture meta-irony?
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Hey, what's wrong with wanting the attention that these guys are getting?
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They do a decent job on "Because I got High," however, that is very very wrong.
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Now those two chinese boys, they are funny.
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I just completed my 16th straight day of work (the last 4 being day and night)... watching these videos has definitely taken me to a happy place. Thank you.
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I have been addicted to these for a while - Toxic is definitely my favorite.
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These girls are talentless hacks. I need to convince a certain chubby 15 year old jewish kid I know to let me film him lip-syncing NWA's Fuck tha Police.
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Okay, I watched all of them. I am infatuated-but-not-in-a-sex-way-because-i'm-twice-their-age.
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Awesome awesome awesome! zeitgeisty indeed! And the batshitinane tag is my favorite.
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Also, I was surprised by the Shania Twain song. I mean, I know Country tends to be more of a marketing demographic than a musical style these days, but that song was just a dance song, right?
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Citizen Premier, will you settle for an audio recording of Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt performing "Straight Outta Compton"?

And Omie, I'd be the last to contend that Canadians can't do country, but Shania ain't no country.
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the nina gordon straight outta compton cover is my favorite thing I've heard all year.
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