Double Fine Action Comics
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Double Fine Action Comics. My favourite adventures, from their beginning episodes: Art Director Scott Campbell's 2HB & friends, and Nathan Stapley's My Comic About Me. Prepare thine LOLerskates for some fun terrain! p.s. your favourite webcomic sucks.
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Not necessarily a double, but there's also some info about these rockin' guys here.
Other than that, it's great to see these (double)fine gentlemen getting all the attention they deserve.
I'm lucky to count them among my friends.
posted by numlok at 12:05 AM on March 2, 2006

Laughter threshold very much unexceeded by faux-naïf scripting.
Art more soothing than engaging, like food you don't have to chew.
Final score: two point meh.
posted by the sobsister at 4:49 AM on March 2, 2006

You'd be psychonuts not to like Psychonauts.
posted by hughbot at 5:20 AM on March 2, 2006

Yeah, it's not mentioned in the post - and doesn't need to be, the comics are excellent on their own merits - but these are made by the creators of the best video game of last year, Psychonauts.
posted by Simon! at 10:57 AM on March 2, 2006

I just found this a couple days ago. They can be really funny, and I'm impressed with the sheer number of comics (almost 500?!).

Psychonauts has some flaws (the Meat Circus level is painfully hard), but is easily the funniest game I've played in years.
posted by Sibrax at 11:19 AM on March 2, 2006

the sobsister: thanks for participating as the jaded hipster, we don't have enough of them around these parts. What's it like living a cliche? :)
posted by elphTeq at 5:33 PM on March 2, 2006


Thanks for asking. "Jaded hipster"? I prefer "discerning consumer". But tell me, what's it like being so amazingly-easily amused?
posted by the sobsister at 5:03 AM on March 3, 2006

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