Freedom of Information Act
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Request information using the Freedom of Information Act with this handy form put together by the People For The American Way
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Printed out mine yesterday when I got the American Way post. Looking for a stamp, it's been so long that I used the postal system.
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i like it--but i'm a little worried. Won't a mass of people all of a sudden requesting their info ensure that their info will be collected, even if it wasn't before? (assuming anything at all spying-related is ever released--Bush has been packing the lower courts to ensure he gets the ok on pretty much everything, and the administration is not complying with court orders even when ordered to do so.)
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Won't a mass of people all of a sudden requesting their info ensure that their info will be collected

Us just talking, nay, THINKING about it has ensured that the NSA will now wire tap us! The foil does nothing, we're all doomed!

Look, these guys can't tell a bird from a 78 year old man, do you really think that are sophisticated enough to conspire to that degree?
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amberglow; we can only hope - the best defense against this system obviously isn't legislation - that just fails miserably when it's blatantly ignored. The best defense remains overwhelming it with false positives (which shouldn't be too hard, considering how badly it probably already works).

If enough people get "on the list," someone writing the cheques may eventually stand up and say "wait a minute... this is clearly not working."
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You know who else was for the American Way?

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Go ahead and request a report under the FOIA. You'll get all kinds of secret info. And if the FBI didn't have a file on you already, they do now.
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do a search for "frequently requested" and foia. you might already find what you want, like the cia's frequently requested records. or, through the department of justice, you have other federal agencies' foia websites. if you want to look up how much money any company or individual has donated to a political campaign,you can get it right away. i use that one a lot. also, through the sec website, you can get the criminal record on anyone who has taken the series 7. that's as useful as those interactive maps of sex offenders in your neighborhood.
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In Australia, simply write a request to the relevant Minister asking for the information clearly and mentioning that you want it under the relevant Freedom of Information Act.
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Making the process easier seems like a fine idea. But I don't know how I feel about pumping my personal information through a third party form to streamline an otherwise available process.

Won't a mass of people all of a sudden requesting their info ensure that their info will be collected

Yes. What will be collected is that you asked. Which, at least to me seems relatively inocuous. I recently filed a FOIA request for my grandfather's FBI file. I received 300 something pages back after nearly a year. The last section was his FOIA request in the mid-eighties. The next person to ask for his file will see my request.
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