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Public Information films have a special place in British TV history as they earnestly try to educate the public about how to cross the road safely or survive a nuclear bomb. Over the past few weeks, the BBC has been compiling some of the classics and making them available online (with the sad exception of Reginald Molehusband). Some of the best videos, however, have been made by the public in the traditional style - check out the brilliant special effects of Driving Backwards is Dangerous, the bizarre Pylon Peril, and the topical Stop Look Zombies.
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Curses, the last three links don't work. You can see the videos from here though:
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Ack - the 'made by the public' link should be the one above. Such is the downfall of having too many tabs open.
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See also.
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They ought to put When the Wind Blows up--was it a BBC thing?
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Haven't the BBC heard of motherfucking QuickTime yet?

RealPlayer my arse.
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I am old enough to have been a member of the Tufty Club, never mind that Green Cross Code nonsense.

I wonder if anyone else here is both old and British enough to know what the hell I'm talking about...
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Decani, the Beeb did a feature on Tufty, and his imbecilic sidekick, Willy Weasel.
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Whuh? Tufty weasel willies? What kind of kid's shows do you perverts have over there?
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(with the sad exception of Reginald Molehusband)

Good news for Molehusband fans (great name, by the way) — they redid the commercial.

p.s. The amazing thing about the Green Cross Man (Dave Prowse) is that he also was filming the first Star Wars movie at the same time. As the somewhat less helpful Darth Vader.
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I thought he was called the Zebra Cross Man.

Jesus, my memories of when I was eight are just not so clear anymore.
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I was also a member of the Tufty Club! I had a badge and everything.

My favorite so far they've put up is Water Horror.
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Bah. I have realplayer, but not the browser plugin, so I can't watch themovie. I'm sick of this embedded player required nonsense.
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