A world of sounds.
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A world of sounds. Despite their difficult URL, The Freesound Project has grown at a rapid pace over the last year, arguably surpassing archive.org's audio library when it comes to sound effects, field recordings, site design, and usability. Now Freesound is combining their sound library with geotagging and Google Maps, allowing users to navigate the world by sound too! (previously on mefi)
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Double. Still cool, mind you.
posted by jack_mo at 6:43 AM on March 4, 2006

Yeah, but the Google Earth thing is new, right? Anyway and regardless, I'd like to thank insomnia_lj for the heads up. The ability to zip around Google Earth and listen to amazing sounds at the same time is the coolest thing I've encountered in many moons.
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Interesting -I joined the freesound project yesterday...
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Wow. This is great. But what's with the items in the ocean? And the Kiev and L Trains (NYC) together?
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I clicked on the archive.org link, and discovered their 78s section, some great songs there, I particularly liked Anything Goes. Some curiousities in there too, like the songs about "coons" from the 1900s!
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Yep... their 78s section is great. That said, they haven't done a good job in addressing samples, field recordings, etc. What would be cool is if Freesound could one day be merged with archive.org. It would be a beneficial thing for both projects.
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jack_mo, it's only a double if there's been a FPP before. Not everyone reads every single comment of every single thread. :)
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joshuaconner, I know what a double post is, and I linked to the previous 'FPP' linking to Freesaound above, not to a comment. Perhaps the alternate URL fomat confused you, so here's a different link to the same 'FPP'. ;-)

Whatever, if you like sounds mixed with maps, check out this old post which has tons and tons of links (many courtesy of one insomnia_lj!) to field recordings, audio ecology sites and such...
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Heh, whoops.

That "previously on MeFi" link wasn't in the FPP wasn't there before, was it?
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