The stray shopping cart project
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Trolley-spotting : Dedicated to developing a system of classification that allows stray shopping carts to be identified based on the situations in which they are found.
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Good Lord, at least trains have some inherent charm.
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That's really what I liked about this site. It takes the most banal, utilitarian object and fetishizes it in a categorical fashion. And you might scoff now, but some day, you'll recognize your first true B-21 and you'll be hooked for life.
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My dad was a manager for Thrifty's/Rite-Aid for 20 something years, and he was obsessed with stray shopping carts. He'd troll through Sacramento, picking up any Thrifty/Rite-Aid carts he could find to take back to his store. One of his points of pride was that his store always had shopping carts for customers despite being in a neighbourhood with a sizable homeless population.
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Very elaborate.
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That's great. Thanks!
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Now do it with wheelie bins!
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At a certain university which shall remain nameless, we used stray carts for office moves, the token deposit still carefully locked away on the handlebar.
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Did anyone make a Gomez reference? If so, I missed it.
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There is something very disturbing about reading this post after the Lonnie Thomson and Kevin Carter FPP's.
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Wow, I can't imagine having the time to dedicate to the taxonomy of stray shopping carts. I suppose now he can sell his research.
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nice! Thanks!
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