Itchana Tchones
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Itchana Tchones resembles-but-is-legally-distinct-from a certain beloved adventurer whom you may remember from a certain series of copyrighted movies. The first few games in which he stars are in French (and a little on the primitive side), but the gameplay is simple enough: Arrow keys to move, jump, and duck, spacebar to attack with the whip. The latest game in the series, Alien Wars, can be played in English. Lovely squishy little blood spurts, among other things, when death ensues. (Flash.)
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It's cute, but it's very very difficult. It's got the old-style video game thing of just killing you by surprise... so you have to die repeatedly to learn how to beat a given critter.

Quite polished, and a worthy link, but ultimately too frustrating to deal with, at least for this grizzled gamer. I played plenty of those games in the 80s. :)
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The first boss robot character is everything I hate about badly-designed platform games. You have to jmust master a rhythm of moves that will beat the guy every time, but if you mess up a little bit you're dead. ZZZZZzzzz....
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In the third one, he does funny stuff if you just let him stand there.
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God I miss Earthworm Jim.
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Espace: coup de fouet
heh. Man, I love French.
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Cue Rick Dangerous flashback...

Great fun, though. I lost my head in 5 as a result of the video camera thing, the ensuing effects are pretty cool.
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