What's happened to the London Night?
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Nighthaunts www.nighthaunts.org.uk I have come across “London website of the week” on TimeOut magazine. I really like the idea of writer Sukhdev Sandhu hanging out with London nightworkers and writing up a journal. I’ve always felt fascinated about what is going on in the city at night, whilst (almost) everybody is sleeping. We should be able to find out as journal unfolds … Great recognition to people who work at night in order to keep the city going, and we often forget about …
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I kind of like the way that almost every paragraph has its own little soundtrack. It's not exactly brimming with content at this point, though...
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"3:12 AM: a strange dense fog has descended into even the deepest of streets. Rather odd, it was quite clear today. It's thick and seems to draw the brightness right out of headlights and streetlights."

"3:32 AM: No-one's around - I was supposed to meet up with a nightwatchman here at the Antiquities Dep't of the British Museum, but they must have forgotten. You would think there would be someone though."

"3:45 AM: omy god. trying to postt this swith the cellpohe. Somehtine terrible has happened. therre's somehting here. must move now, will try to sendm more detials soon. somehnone must be tolsd"

"3:51 AM: dont think we can get out. please please tell the news tell the government. there's soemthing in the night, i dont knmow what they are but they came from the nightfog and their eyes, their eyes...oh no"
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Isn't this basically the same concept Dave Atelle uses on his comedy central show "Insomniac" in journal form?
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Its the soundscapes that make it for me. excelent.

(i have a secret passion for walking around outside in the middle of the night, in unusual places. pulling over on an empty road and getting out and feeling the silence and darkness close in.)
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freebird that's awesome.
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