Librarians vs. nuns
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Librarians vs. Nuns in a caged death match! (video) (Did I say "caged death match"? I meant "Spelling Bee".)
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Looks like that video link doen't work. It's from the today show, try going here and scrolling through the video links, it's 17 out of 19.
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17 out 19

MSN hates Firefox.

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Next week cheerleaders vs. nurses.
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What brundlefly said. Can you spell rrawr!?

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The fuck you say!
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Why are there so few spelling bees for adults? I would compete in a heartbeat, for fun, and I'm not normally a competitive person. Spelling is one of my few really top-notch skills. AND I'm a librarian. (Not a nun. There aren't too many Jewish nuns. ;) )

I don't live in Kentucky, though.
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The 36th annual Atlanta Open Orthographic Meet was held on Saturday, February 18.

It's 50 words in four rounds of 20, 15, 10 and 5 words each. The words start easy and get more difficult. Levee and insurgent were this year's Round One topical words.

The emcee jokes that the five words in Round Four can't be spelled. This year, only one speller of seven still in the competition got one of the five correct. She told the committee that was only because she plays the bodhran.

The winner, a staffer at the local daily "newspaper," got 37 out of 50. This was his first win.
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I don't live in Kentucky, though.

I do, and I was in this bee about ten years ago. It was tough. It is much more difficult to stand up and spell than to spell correctly on paper! I think I lasted two rounds.
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"Some of the other sisters say they use the Internet to practice."

thats just teh plaice for spelling practise, so many good examples LOBMANALM!!!*
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*[lying on bed masturbating about nuns and librarians misspelling]
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