Terminator Seeds
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The 8th Conference of the Parties (COP8) to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity begins March 20th. On the agenda? The possible overturning of the 2000 de facto moratorium on genetically modified Terminator Seeds. The US, Australian, New Zealand, and most recently Britain are already on board. Other countries and environmental groups are not so keen, and are pushing to ban terminator.
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They don't have a hymn.
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I'm writing one as we speak. How do you feel about D minor?
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D minor is alright, but what about B major?
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Monsanto can successfully sue farmers who _don't_ buy their seeds, but have it blown into their fields naturally.

So of _course_ they don't want Terminator varieties. They can't take over all of agriculture otherwise.
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Terminator, Terminator, Terminator seed
Constricting genetic diversity
Halted by progress of conference
Vision of a world in famine
Beyond all science helping

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freie saat statt tote ernte! it reminds me a bit of food not bombs, but with more hilarious skeleton costumes, and in german.
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Uh, maybe I'm missing something -- and, no, I don't trust Monsanto further than I can spit, but:

Because some stakeholders expressed concerns that this technology might lead to dependence for poor smallholder farmers, Monsanto, an agricultural products company, pledged not to commercialize the technology even if and when is becomes commercially available.

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This page on the Ban Terminator site claims that Monsanto is leaving itself quite a bit of wiggle room.
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