March Madness turns to Gladness for One Lucky Athlete
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March Madness? Try March Gladness, at least if you're Villanova star Allen Ray, who nearly had his eye poked out last Friday vs Pittsburgh. This gruesome YouTube video shows just how lucky Ray is. Not only is Ray and his eye ready to play, but 'Nova also locked up a #1 seed, which means they're among the favorites to win it all.
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Yes, his name is Allen Ray, not to be confused with former UConn and current NBA star Ray Allen.
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Chlorophyll is borophyll, yo.

Saw that footage on SC. It was really freaky--but according to my doctor friends, eyeballs are a lot more resilient than people give them credit for.

I'm bummed that Maryland didn't get a bid, but I can't complain. I'm going to root hard for Duke and JJ, but deep down I'm thinking North Carolina or Memphis might be the teams to beat.

Since it's bracket time, let me go out on an outrageous limb-- Boston College wins it all (yes, I'm the ACC markII's bitch).

(Upster filter: Zags lose to Xavier--obvious. Second round-- NC State beats Texas.)
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*Upset* sorry
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eyeballs are a lot more resilient than people give them credit for.

I've been told that the cornea is the fastest healing tissue in the body.

That being said, this worries me. Its just too much of an "if." When the player that you run your entire offense through has questionable depth perception, it just spells trouble. Like bardic, I think I have to take BC over 'Nova,
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P.S. UConn wipes the floor with B.C. in the semis.
[disclosure]I was raised in CT[/caveat]
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Also, props on the good post. Exemplar of how to properly post YouTube to the front page.

Also, admins: "All posts tagged with 'marchmadness'" or whatever on the sideblog?
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I though his eyelid was trapped behind his eyeball. At least that's what the local media was reporting.
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It's all fun and games until, well, you know.
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I watched most of that game but missed the injury. On SC, they wouldn't show the clip because it was "too distrubing." From the anchor's description I was picturing his eyeball laying on the floor. It took a few days for it to show up online.
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that was awesome.
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Oh dear god, no no no. THIS is why I never got a pug - one mention on a website somewhere that a sharp blow to the head can make their eyes come out and I was done with that idea. This whole eye thing just freaks me out so much that I can never watch the video, and just reading this post made me dizzy.

(Cheap high!)
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