Brother Power started out as a dummy left in an abandoned tailor shop inhabited by a bunch of shiftless hippies
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It's 1968. Hippies are everywhere, and they're reading underground comics. Your name is Joe Simon. You want to create a mainstream comic book with a hippie as a hero. What do you come up with? Brother Power the Geek.

It only lasted two issues. Of course, it did a little better than the Black Bomber, a white bigot who sometimes turned into an African-American superhero. That comic was never printed.
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That's awesome Astro Zombie. I've never heard of the Black Bomber before, but it looks awesome. We need Black Bomber today!
posted by dios at 1:21 PM on March 15, 2006

I loved Prez's appearance in The Sandman.
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Oh man...

"Chapter One: A Thing Is Born"
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I highly recommend this writeup of Prez.
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The Prez and Brothers Power should fight.
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I associate Brother Power with Ambush Bug for some reason. There must have been a joke about him in there somewhere.
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"Nick Cranston as Paul.
Paul Cymbalist as Nick"

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I can understand the reasoning behind not wanting the first black superhero in the DC lineup to be so...complex. But I think it sounds like a really interesting character, honestly.

[...] risks his own life to save another person whom he can't see clearly [...] and then reacts in racial slur disgust when he discovers that he risked his life to save a black person. He wasn't aware that he had two identities, but each identity had a girlfriend and the ladies were aware of the change.

Sounds a whole more interesting that the usual secret identity stuff...secret only to the character himself, who'd *hate* his hero persona if he knew about it. Rad!
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I remember reading about the Prez and Brother Power in the Sandman series (I especially liked the legend of the Prez story) and wondering where they had come from. I read a little bit about the Prez, but knew nothing else. Thanks for the background, Astro Zombie.
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Black Bomber sounds fascinating. Great character, as long as he ditches the basketball uniform.
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Time to pitch Vertigo an updated Black Bomber series...
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Back when I was being a comics journalist in the early 90s, I had a bit of a bug for DC's forgotten heroes. Had both issues of Brother Power, the whole series of Prez, three original issues of Rex the Wonder Dog -- those were a hound to find -- plus Angel and the Ape and several others. Never got into the Marvel equivalents, apart from US1 the bionic trucker. The DC stuff was always more deeply weird and always, even when truly bad (lookin' at you, Prez) had a streak, a glimmer of genius.
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