Water drums and rainforest music.
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Afro-Celtic music inspired by the Baka, pygmies living in the Central African rainforest of Cameroon. Rivers running through the rainforest are one of the alluring Bakas' favorite instruments, the water drum. Highly inventive and constantly changing, the vocal polyphony and the polyrhythmic sounds of hands and drums are prodigious achievements which astonish modern composers. There are various albums.
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Straight to my bookmarks. Thanks!
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Wow, good stuff, thanks!
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Here I thought you were talking about the always interesting Afro Celt Sound System
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a few of the bandmembers made an appearance on the 3rd st. promenade/santa monica in front of Hear Music - maybe 8 or 9 years back. I think I may have been the only person there that didn't realize they weren't homeless street performers. now they didn't have any pygmies with them, but that may have reinforced the whole homeless street performer look anyway.

my Baka Beyond cd's were among the very few that made the cut when I recently weeded out my music collection from that time period.
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I want to give thanks for how very sweet this is!
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This looks really interesting, thanks, nickyskye. I too am a fan of Afro-Celt Sound System, but always assumed they were just melging two genres together because of the different musical backgrounds of their members.
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they're just splashing.
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Afro-Celt Sound System is different than the Baka Beyond albums on the Baka Radio I posted as the first link. I had no idea there was a band namedAfro-Celt or I would have labelled my FPP differently.
Learning curve. :)

Apparently there are a number of afro-celtic groups from different countries who have made world fusion music.

I especially like the rhythmic, percussive splashing/water drum of the Baka.
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Cool stuff, thanks for the links.

MP3.com Bio and album reviews.
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really great stuff
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superb post, thank you nickskye.
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