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Despotism. In 1946, Encyclopedia Britannica and Harold Lasswell produced an educational film about the nature of Despotism. Calls to mind contemporary examples of despotism, and (in view of Lasswell's own views on the subject) raises some interesting questions about the uses and misuses of persuasion and propaganda. Film link via the Prelinger Archive, previously discussed here).
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This is a fun little film, especially the part with the scene about the teacher (who is stereotypically shrewish and looks a lot like the classical Disney depiction of a mean lady) tells the student that he should believe something simply because it is printed in the textbook. I thought that was great. It made me love my sobrique even more.
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Man. How'd I miss that? Oh well. Sorry.
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The most annoying thing about a despotism is that any square which produces three or more food/shields/gold produces one fewer.
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for danb
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expialidocious: I confess I have not yet made it to Civ IV. This "civics" thing is intriguing, though.

Sorry for derailing; I thought this thread would be deleted as a dupe. Cool video, though.
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Wow, pretty accurate. I think I can even send this link to my parents. Maybe they even remember these films.
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Thanks washburn. I hadn't seen the previous link to that film and knew nothing about Harold Lasswell, which, for me, is the real gold nugget in this FPP. Knowing about Lasswell now, in conjunction with Freud's nephew, Edward Bernhays, who I learned about here, I have a much more clear idea how narcissistic bullies in power are able to stay in power and manipulate those around them. Interesting how both these thinkers, Bernhays and Lasswell, were so influenced by Freud.
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