Our album is done, and so is our crappy website.
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The 23rd Century is a sweet band that just released their new CD, "Take A Trip Though Time With...The 23rd Century", for free online in mp3 format. The album was created by metafilter user tcobretti and his cousin. You can purchase the album here to support them, or you can buy their tshirt, obviously inspired/ripped off from the John Titor insignia. There is also a cool schematic-based navigation to the site, presumably from the same great mind who brought us runoffgroove.com. [via mefi projects]
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Woops, the link to the tshirt is here, their whole store is here.
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Shouldn't this be on Projects instead?
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TunnelArmr: The Projects site is "a springboard for posts to the main MetaFilter site, if a member decides it's a project worth sharing there." See here.
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Shouldn't this be on Projects instead?

It was. That's why the last three words in the post are "via mefi projects".

I'm on the second track. Pretty diverse stuff. The first track reminded me of some of the better tracks of Blur's Parklife, less polished of course. I love the use of horns in both tracks. If tcobretti happens to stop by to comment what kind of equipment were you guys using?
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I'm liking this. If you guys were here in town I would join your band.
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Heh. The giutar part from track three could almost be a sample from Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. Still liking it.
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i like it--sorta Celtic Raga chanting or something on The Future is Then.

and Will There Be a Rainbow is really great too. : >
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Surprisingly, I like it. Thank you.
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Oh...wow. Yeah, this is really good.
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Agreed - not sucking at all. Different bits reminded me of (in no particular order) Spacehog, the Chalets, Devo and Neutral Milk Hotel.

In fact, this is so good, I would have paid for it. Real money.
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Surely track 5 should be 'Applied SCIENCE!'

This is making a very good first impression here. I'll be downloading it all.
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Hi. I'm really glad someone is checking out the album. We certainly had a good time making it. To try to answer saraswati's question, for the horns I layered actual trumpet on top of a orchestral program called Edirol. We were trying to make the midi parts (mostly the horns) sound as organic as possible, so I relearned how to play some trumpet to spice it up. We have since been loaned a trombone and hope to incorporate it into the next album.

Thanks again for all the kind words.
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