Photos from the squatter nation of Frestonia.
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Life in the nation of Frestonia. In 1977, Freston Road, a squatters' community in Notting Hill Dale, West London, attempted to secede from the United Kingdom, giving itself the name Frestonia. Photographer (and former Minister of State) Tony Sleep beautifully documented its citizens and setting. via
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Interesting post. thanks.
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Great link cowboy!

Takes me back to the characters I knew around SW London in the 80s. Newkie Browns, Old Holburn, Ian Dury, and a fat spliff.

Good Times.
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Great post.
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Awesome. Some fantastic photos.
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fascinating stuff, thanks cowboy.
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Heh. David Rapparport was a Frestonian before becoming famous.
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So many fantastic photos. Thank you.
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The Wizard got much tail.
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fantastic, thanks.
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Many thanks for a great post.
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Great post, and a nice reminder of the work of the old Half Moon Photography Workshop and their journal, Camerawork.

I wonder if there's enough Jo Spence content online to warrant a FPP?
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