Bears are godless killing machines without a soul
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Превед! Russia's newest internet craze involves a painting called Bear Surprise [NSFW] by New York artist/musician John Lurie. "Превед", or "preved", is an intentional misspelling of "privet", or "hello" in Russian. There's a month-old Livejournal community dedicated to the meme and even a branded range of condoms. [Via]
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All your bear are belong to us.
posted by beagle at 9:44 AM on March 22, 2006

So that's what really happened to that Grizzly Man couple.
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too funny, thanks!
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Nice to see they have memes in the second world, too.
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The bear image appears to have been taken off that condom company's site at some point in the few last hours. Since Russians were involved, I'm guessing that hackers were involved.
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The meme is interesting, in an anthropological sort of way, but what I really like is the original artwork. Who is this guy visionary?

I esp. liked:
My Name is Skinny
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I esp. liked:
My Name is Skinny

I'm totally using that as my Christmas card this year.
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Foreign Internet memes are a little bit.. unsettling.
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But, my god, that painting sucks.

I love art. Truly. I can sit and stare at paintings of many various genres for extended periods. They can be surrealist, realist, cubist, renaissence, or cave paintings...I don't care. But this modern primitive style, which seems to me to be the height of laziness and a refusal to gain ability past elementary school, drives me up the wall. I can't stand it. It's horrible and I would like to see all the museums who display this trash sent them back to the artist for a re-do.
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Who is this guy visionary?

He's also an actor, and musician.

One of my favorite films of all time, Down By Law, stars Lurie along with Tom Waits and Roberto Benigni.
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Wow, looking at his imdb page also shows that he was Greg Penders in 'Oz'.

Bloody genius, this guy.
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lurie is one of my favorite people of all time, if for no other reason than because I can never figure out how he falls ass backward into all the fame, publicity, work and money he has.

He's had a television show on IFC where he drags all his famous friends (jim jarmusch, dennis hopper, willem dafoe, legion others) out to fish and then puts an hour of that fishing footage on tv, with no apparent reason as to why. I can't even explain why it's as funny as it is, except to say that the entire time you're watching it you keep thinking "why the fuck is this on tv, and why the fuck am I watching it?"
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Someone needs to forward this meme to Stephen Colbert.
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So it's like a fark photoshop thread but in russia?
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Yeah, I'm not crazy about the paintings either.
John should probably stick to fishing.

"I'd love a bite of your sandwich."
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Heh. I was introduced to this meme by my bud Rob Balder, creator of the webcomic Partially Clips (good enough plug for you, Rob?). Apparently, "Превед" can be translated roughly as "Whazaaaap?"
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Frankly, my 5 year old makes art I'd rather look at than this shite.

I'm sorry, but it seems like recently any kind of art that comes from so-called "outside" artists is instantly revered as "visionary". Listen people, just because it's crudely made and doesn't make a lick of sense, doesn't make it artistic gold. IMHO this guy brings nothing new to the table.

I'd tell him to stick to music and tv, which he apparently does well at.

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The fishermen wake up excited to be alive. They hope for good weather and good luck. Both fisherman are covered with sores and boners.
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"It was such a good breakfast, I'd like to hold on to it for a little while longer."

Did Wait's pantsfish predate quonsars?
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I thought he was dead. ("I made a mistake! John is still alive!")
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"Just tell me what you want, Tom."

"To be on dry land."
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I discovered this meme at Anatoly Vorobei's Avva [in Russian], where he says as far as he's concerned only one human being (he later clarifies that he means a literary character) has the right to say "Превед!" It turns out he's thinking of Godot. I'm not sure why, but that's Russian humor for you.

Превед [preved, pronounced /priv'ét/] for привет [privet, pronounced identically] 'greetings; hi!' is part of a whole jokey internet culture of respelling Russian words phonetically (a lot of the examples in the first link have someone saying Превед, кросавчег [preved, krosavcheg], a deformation of Привет, красавчик [privet, krasavchik] 'Hi, handsome!'); it's comparable to IM-speak in English but (I think) doesn't carry quite as much implication of being an illiterate moron.

Also, Превед [preved] is phonetically similar to медведь [medved'] 'bear,' which may have influenced the creation of the meme based on that Lurie piece.
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John Lurie's brother Ethan provides the music for the weirdly engrossing Backyardigans, which should have a cult following all its own.
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He is also behind the amusing Marvin Pontiac. I won't say anything else about that, as there is a little twist.
He is also a member of the jazz band the Lounge Lizards which are v. good.
Oh, and the Fishing with John shows, while good, are very heavily edited, listening to the commentary on the DVD is educational. Tom Waits didn't speak to John for quite awhile after their little trip.

His music label is called Strange and Beautiful Music, but John wanted to called it "I'm Naked", so people would have to answer the phone, "I'm naked, can I help you?"
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Sadly, Tom surprisingly comes off as pretty uncool in FWJ, almost as lame as Matt Dillon.
(The Willem DaFoe one's the best, IMO)
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IIRC the DVD commentary said that Tom was pretty sick during the trip, so that may account for lack of coolness
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I found him plenty cool, but I enjoy complaining lunatics.
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A friend of mine got to see a lot of the raw FWJ footage -- a friend of his was editing it -- and he said that the Matt Dillon stuff was excruciating, because it was all so, so lame. (Conversely, of course, there was enough awesome footage with Willem Defoe that they could have made that one an hour.) And yep, things did indeed get pretty awful between Lurie and Waits -- what sounds like a pretty awful knockdown, drag-out fight between them got left on the cutting room floor.

out on the waaaater... fishing... with Joooohn....
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Out of context, that bear looks like a Far Side cartoon.
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I read that Dillon refused to the do the Good Luck Fish Dance for more than ten seconds, so they just shot that from a bunch of different angles and slapped them together.
He wasn't one of Lurie's choices to be on the show, either.
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But, my god, that painting sucks

They said that, in effect, about van Gogh. I'd say this is not Lurie's best painting, and I doubt if he'll be well known 100 years from now. But the point here is not just the painting, it's the message, and now the meme has become part of the artwork as well.
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a painting called Bear Surprise

Often it's been asked, what is art? It seems complicated to define, and people know it when they see it.

That is art. Sublime, rich in detail and in message, tapping into the deep underlying drives, yearnings, the most profound emotions underlying humanity, this piece can teach us to find ourselves again, to renew our relationships with the world and each other. Surprise! it cries out in delight as we, the pessimistic sour bears of our discontent, find this, the mating lovers, the creation, this, artwork.

I'm breathless.
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Fishing with John was a great show. The theme song ruled.
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Thanks a lot. I had JUST eradicated the Fishing with John theme song earworm that stuck with me FOR MONTHS.

*curses* *loves john lurie*
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Sorry John, I love you, but I'd like you to drop the paintbrush and step away from the canvas.
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when you see the shark, drop the cheese.
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If I'm not mistaken Lurie is also the composer of some fun cuts on the soundtrack for Get Shorty. I still haven't watched Fishing With John, but it's on my list.
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Can anybody tell me what the unreadable captions on Our Amazing Universe are? I've got:
Row 1: The Gluteus Maximus Of My Teacher Mrs. Farley; Albino Pig, A ??????
Row 2: Fossil (?????); Moon; ?
Row 3: Antelope; Crab Nebula; Scientist

I really like this one.
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John Lurie is a genius, and amateur (or profesional) art critics on the internet? BALLS to you, I say.
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OK: Top right is "A Seyfert Galaxy"
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Once there was a time I understood or at least appreciated web-based memes. Now, I probably don't bang in the forest often enough to get things.

PS. Paintings are rubbish and empty as well.
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The comments on the Free Williamsburg blog are hilarious, by the way.

I'm still trying to understand the last few percent of it, but something tells me that the moment I will, I will love it to death. This type of humour (language, animals, inanity, a teaspoon of sex) is right up my alley.
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bear hello?
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ubscure yeet owesome.
posted by bokononito at 12:15 AM on March 24, 2006

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