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Riya – Face recognition + autotagging. Now in beta.
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You can't improve on flickr
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You can so improve Flickr ... it's just that Riya isn't better than Flickr.
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Comment on TechCrunch in response to this:
"you can export all of this metadata back to wherever the pictures are hosted - hard drive, picasa, flickr, etc."

"The metadata sharing bit isn’t available quite yet…during alpha, we are concentrating on the technology, THEN we will concentrate on sharing metadata. It is an important part of our future plans, though."
Tara 'Miss Rogue' Hunt

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Warning: Riya will only work if you
• Have high resolution JPEG's with date and time from your camera
• Use digital photos of your family and friends not celebrity or web images
• Have many photos of the most common people in your photoset
• Don't give it scanned photos, photos with bad lighting, or profile shots of faces
• We recommend you upload at least 1000 photos w/ full albums

Accurate face recognition depends on the quality and amount of data available. If they succeed in getting a lot of people tagging the data for them for free, Riya might become the best face recognition system on earth.
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... and then they contract out their DB to Those That Keep Us Safe By Watching Over Us.
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I took a good look at Riya yesterday. It's nothing special (at present) and nothing to worry about in terms of Big Brother. Flickr still dominates.

...it's all bark and no bite. :)
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