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"Spring." That was the complete text of an email I received from last night. It seems as if Mark Z Danielewski is getting the hype started early for his new novel. Not much is known about it beyond its (again) creatively colored title-- Only Revolutions -- and this enigmatic forum post from last August.
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huh...i wonder how he can followup HoL. and that post is a bit odd...
posted by cgs at 10:50 AM on March 23, 2006

I was a little dismayed with the HoL people for spamming our email. I thought better of them.
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I finally read House of Leaves about six months ago after being intimidated (turned off?) by the postmodern stuff for years. I have to say, though, that it's absolutely the scariness thing I've ever read. I was freaked out for a solid week.
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I was creeped out by it at first, but there was a particular bit of 'meta' cutesiness towards the end that kind of ruined the atmosphere for me. Still a good book, though, and incredibly thought provoking.
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Looks more like "Late Summer/Early Fall" according to that Amazon page.
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I'd love to see Charlie Kaufman take a shot at a screenplay for House of Leaves.
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Fill me in...what's the genre/style here?
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I hear a number of authors have books coming out soon. I guess some of them have better hype machines than others.
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The creepiest part was, while working out the coded messages in his mother's letters, coming across her description of her nightly rapes by the orderlies.
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I wanted to like House of Leaves. Really I did. I like brain-teasers, I like literary horror, and I love me some metafiction. But dear lord, did I wish he'd just calmed down and told the fucking story.

Ah well. There's always next time. I suppose I'll give his new one a shot.
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Sourwookie: I don't know about the new one, but House of Leaves was Post-Modern Horror/Metafiction. It's kind of hard to describe. If you're the kind of person who likes TV shows like "Lost" and Alternate Reality Games like Cloudmakers and "I luv Bees" then you'll probably love it. It's the kind of book that is both a good read and offers a lot of rewards if you're willing to dig a little deeper.

The thing that's actually most obviously unique about it is also I think it's biggest flaw. There's just far too much cutesy typesetting that, to me, distracted from it's real merit as literature, and too often pulled me out of the moment.

I really hope that MZD didn't just make the new one an exercise in can-you-top-this Xtreme Typography.
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I thought HoL was overrated. It had me turning pages for a while but just disappointed in the end. It was a neat experiment, and very creative, but just didn't have the gas to make it a worthwhile read.
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The creepiest part was, while working out the coded messages in his mother's letters, coming across her description of her nightly rapes by the orderlies.

Don't forget the other one that calls into question everything that happens in the whole damn book.

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I'm a sucker for puzzles, and anything you can describe using the prefix meta, loved House of Leaves and can't wait for this one, thanks for clueing me in!
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HOL would have been a lot better had it been handwritten and compiled w/tape, etc. - and then left at busstops throughout the country.
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HoL was good, but it was really two-books-in-one. The "Navidson Account" (?) was by far the strong part of the book, genuinely creepy and original. The hardcore hipster narrator, however, was uninteresting and long-winded. I probably could've skipped his parts altogether and enjoyed it on a meta-thriller level.
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Long-winded, maybe-- but uninteresting? I think there were some really sparkling passages in the Johnny Truant parts of the book.
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MZD seemed to get a bit carried away with his formatting for HoL, but I found his ability to combine so many layers of story fascinating.

I wish there were some actual information out about this new book, though.
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I am really pissed that mefi strips font tags.
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