The Kingdom of Redonda
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The Kingdom of Redonda. In 1865, a Caribbean trader laid claim to a small island near Antigua, and declared himself king. His son, M.P. Shiel, was an author of fantasy fiction. When Shiel died in 1947, he left the island to a young poet, John Gawsworth, King Juan I of Redonda.
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Unfortunately, the homepage seems to be down at the moment. Google cache.
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According to the King Juan I link, Shiel is going to live until 19479. That's pretty impressive.
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Below you will find a link to the RNN Application Form. Print it off, complete the application and send it, with your International Money Order for $US35 to cover the cost of administration, certification, postage etc.

Kinda smacks of Subgenius, doesn't it?
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If you’ll excuse the self-link, there’s a little more background here.
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Thanks misteraitch. I knew I had read about Redonda before (and was almost certain it was here) but it was your post I was thinking of.
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Oh, and thanks to steef too, obviously.
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ive always wanted to live in Sealand. You can become a baron there if you want. Only £59.95!
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