Jo Spence and the Half Moon Photography workshop
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Community photography projects abounded during the 1970's, but the most influential was the Half Moon Community Workshop. Besides the workshop, this group also ran a gallery and a journal, Camerawork that introduced many British photographers to a theoretical and politically engaged aesthetic practice. Much of the theory espoused in Camerawork might seem naive or overly polemical for today's jaded post-Marxist intellect, but one thing that came out of the collective that does stand the test of time is the work of Jo Spence.
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Great post. I've been a fan of Jo Spence since getting involved in some multimedia work for an MA student. The project involved a random selection of her images and Spence's images with a sountrack of clips from an interview the student had carried out with Spence. It was an interesting and challenging project1, that got me involved with lots of new people and lots of interesting art. Thanks for the reminder.

1 A programming project taken on in a pub, that was supposed to take a few hours, and which ended up with my laptop being a part of the exhibition some four or five weeks later. I got a bottle of rum for my time. Why is it the most fun jobs are the ones that involve payment in booze?
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