FLASH: buffer bug in Flash!
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FLASH: buffer bug in Flash! Well, we all hate Flash anyway; now we have reason. I've Got a Bad Feeling About This...
posted by baylink (9 comments total)
I do not hate Flash. I just believe that it is overused and otherwise used haphazardly.
posted by chrish at 11:04 AM on January 3, 2001

Flash doesn't kill bandwidth and cause user frustration; designers kill bandwidth and cause user frustration.
posted by m.polo at 11:21 AM on January 3, 2001

i agree, m.polo. flash isn't overused, it's mis-used too often.

i've seen a few examples of elegant uses of flash, and most of them were done with small bits of flash.

it goes the same for most designer tricks, though; overuse them and the tricks become annoying distractions.
posted by christian at 11:31 AM on January 3, 2001

Getting distractedly on-track here, according to the bug report history, Macromedia was made aware of the bug in July.

Anyone remember lambasting Microsoft and numerous other companies about letting a bug go unremarked and unfixed for a month? We're talking half a year, with a new version of the software being released that's still vulnerable.

Aside #1: Why aren't buffer overflows in software one of the top things to be tested for in QA. They're nefarious and terribly difficult to squirrel out, but when you've got a flat text file that defines the data length how is violating that data not tested? Jeepers.

Aside #2: Baylink, didn't you once say that Flashes can only be a maximum of 3 words? Shouldn't it be FLASH: Flash Buffer Bug! :-)
posted by cCranium at 12:07 PM on January 3, 2001

DUDEZ... yu jst put this and get rainboz! <BODY BGCOLOR="#005588"> <BODY BGCOLOR="#55aaff"> <BODY BGCOLOR="#aaffff"> <BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff"> <BODY BGCOLOR="#aaffff"> <BODY BGCOLOR="#55aaff"> <BODY BGCOLOR="#005588">

Tré cool, no?
posted by holloway at 12:55 PM on January 3, 2001

Indeed, cCran. I''d been hoping to get busted on that. :-)

They're not especially nefarious, neither. I gather there's actually a mechanical rule you can use to parse C code for possible buffer overflows, and, by extension, to avoid creating them in the first place.
posted by baylink at 2:32 PM on January 3, 2001

"flash isn't overused, it's mis-used too often."

i think that statement goes for everything on the web. :)

(but then again, some people really do like 12 animated gif rollovers and MIDI tunez on their homepage.)
posted by teradome at 2:53 PM on January 3, 2001

I love the way any thread with the word Flash in it goes off topic instantly. The same happens with the word Macintosh. Oh and by the way Flash is Evil...

posted by lagado at 5:25 PM on January 3, 2001

I used to hate Flash adamantly....but check out that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon web site. I'm impressed.

posted by Kevs at 8:32 PM on January 3, 2001

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