One Honest Wo(Man)
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Diogenes the Cynic sought One Honest Man. Lately we have had some wonderful examples that would seem to confirm the philosopher's most cynical suspicions. And then along come some Honest {quicktime movie} Women and it's just so refreshing.
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Arrrgh. Sorry. Turns out you can't link directly to a video on C&L. here is the correct link for the video (WMP or Qicktime) post.
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On September 21, 331 B.C., Alexander the Great, using the cover from a lunar eclipse, took his army across the Tigris River and conquered the Persian army. Thus, at 25, he became the Emperor of the World.

Shortly thereafter, Alexander asked to see the famous Diogenes. Diogenes was known as the "ragged cynic," since he preferred extreme poverty and spent his life taking a lantern around Greece looking for one honest man. Alexander was very impressed with Diogenes and asked to see him. When Alexander's man Aristippus told Diogenes that he was being beckoned by the Emperor, Diogenes said that he wasn't going anywhere and if Alexander wanted to see him, "let him come hither."

Later, Alexander The Great was in Athens and heard that Diogenes was also in town. Alexander approached Diogenes and asked him how he could serve him. Diogenes looked at him and said, "You can stand out of my light." Alexander, reportedly, was so impressed with the man that he walked away muttering to himself that if he wasn't born Alexander, he would have liked to have been Diogenes.
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Wow, so what could have been a cool philosophical or psychological FPP becomes politicsfilter? Lame.

Good job getting me to click on an FPP I wouldn't have otherwise bothered with, though.

Thanks to those who added some content to the post so far!
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Holy smokes, Lara Logan is my new hero. Great interview.

Honest, bat-down-the-right-wing-BULLSHIT rarely ever makes it on the air or in print anymore. She deserves a medal for doing it.
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Wow, so what could have been a cool philosophical or psychological FPP becomes politicsfilter? Lame.

Made you look, made you look, stole your mama's pocketbook. I have stolen your free will!

Seriously, Eidetaker, why can't a post be about both philosophy and politics? This one is. In fact, it's about honesty, a philosophical issue at the core of political life. I submit that it has plenty of content. And honestly, here's some advice.
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Hey, don't get uppity, n00b, or we'll close off signups... retroactively. Capisce?

Actually, I didn't flag this post. I assume there are people who will enjoy the content, even if I feel hurt, betrayed, misled by your framing. It's not a bad post, just not to my liking. Don't mistake my subjective "lame" for an objective judgement.

And yes, if I had the time right now, I'd do the research and add some links of my own.
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Heh heh heh. Perhaps I am a n00b, or perhaps I am not.

Oh, boys and girls, did I forget to mention that Lara Logan is, um, hot? A friend of mine, upon seeing the video, declared that he would cut off a limb to be able to "smell her hair." Watching her shred the administration's bullshit spin of the week about this all being "the media's" fault is a real treat for the senses.

So maybe that should have been my FPP. HAWT reporter rips the Bushies a new one.

I don't think there'd be many complaints, either.
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There are accounts of Diogenes masturbating in public as well in order to display his contempt for his fellow citizens.

And the Lara Logan piece was pretty amazing--I'm shocked CNN aired it, given their pro-Bush, pro-occupation stances more generally.
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Lara Logan is hot, and I would masturbate in public ... er, is this thing on?

And it isn't just the South African accent -- it's how can she possibly be afraid of a cunt like Laura Ingraham, when she's sneaked into warzones? By the way, Laura Ingraham has a toll free number at 1-800-876-4123. I'm sure you'll get blocked from calling it if you call her a cunt, but I'm also sure that she still has to pay for the call.

This was not a great post, fourcheesemac. Don't bury your good material in a bunch of worthless links (we don't need them). And don't hide it in mystery-meat language. Find what's good about it and tell us what's in it.
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Don't bury your good material in a bunch of worthless links Nothing was buried, just prepared. For what it's worth, note that one of my honest women was a conservative blogger calling her own colleagues on the carpet for tolerating plagiarism. I simply tried to provide a context for a few shining examples of honesty sneaking through the filter. And come on, that guide to teaching kids about cynicism through art projects is priceless.
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