Oh Mr Hart!
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Australian artist Pro Hart has died. Hart used DNA in his paintings to foil counterfeiters. Sometimes he painted with a cannon, other times with a plane.
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I think I saw this guy on the old show That's Incredible! -- he was tossing paint into a jet engine. Is this that guy I wonder? Nice hook, I guess.
Also, Duchamp put DNA into his work.
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Google images
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I lost a lot of my respect for him as a person when he championed Pauline Hanson's cause. I still thought his artwork was decent, though. May he R.I.P.
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(reads Effigy2000's post)

!!? Pauline Hanson? Really?
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Yep. At the height of One Nation and Paulin Hanson's popularity, Pro Hart gave Hanson a couple of his paintings. One as a fund-raiser and another as a personal gift.

My Google-fu can only find this link which briefly mentions the painting he gave her as a gift, and this link (admitedly not the most impartial site) which briefly mentions Pro Hart donating a painting to One Nation.
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Oh Mister Hart...what a mess!
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This painting [scroll down]?
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Awful awful dauber. Apologies to those who disagree with me.
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It's kinda funny, I'm going to miss the Maid more than the Artist.
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a. you can still get a maid dose with a helping of Les here.
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You know what Effigy2000, I wish you hadn't jogged me into looking for that painting because it's haunting me now. The dark storm clouds gathering, Parliament House looming on the hill. The crying bishop in the ABC mitre (who is that?) The flaxen-haired girl looking on (who is that?) as Pauline is burnt at the stake like Joan of Arc :_-|
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Curse you Jimbob - far too quick....
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DNA in the paintings, huh?

So if you *ahem* on your work before you sell it, the value goes up?
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Ohhh bless you tellurian! *wipes tear from his eye*
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personally, i can't for the life of me figure out how a painter wouldn't get their DNA into their paintings. over the course of work (admittedly i work very slow compared to others), i've inadvertently lost a strand of hair or so, sneezed, possibly drooled a hot cup of tea or two, and i'm sure i've lost more than my share of skin cells in the mix lying on my platform over my own paintings - and i know it gets stuck in the paint (having spent arduous minutes trying to pick out a lost hair or two). therefore the idea that someone is claiming to be unique in leaving their DNA print in their artwork is... a bit silly to me really.
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I own a couple, a painting of a Broken Hill pub on Saturday night and an enamel of Bradman.

The gallery is well worth a visit.

I believe "Pro" is short for "Professor", which the miners dubbed him.
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