Skulls and Skeletons
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A collection of bird skeletons (with 3d rotating skeleton goodness). The site also has tips on cleaning your own, and identifying those you might, uh, stumble across. Comparative pictures and anatomy of orangutan, chimp, marmoset, and lemur skeletons. Will's Skull Site, with close to 100 skulls and details (Cougar!). The California Academy of Sciences site on skulls, including this cool animal-to-skull match tool. Skeleton specimen tutorials from the Vetrinary Museum. The Human Osteology pages. A x-ray anatomy of the human skeleton. The Human Skull module at CalState Chico. And, you know, dragon physiology. And previously, the skeletal systems of cartoon characters.
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This is cool.
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[this is a great post]
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If you have a CAT scan, you can get a model of your own skull made here. Also check out the skull library they have for sale.
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For those who want to see a whole helluva lotta human skulls up close and personal, anatomist Josef Hyrtl's collection of about 120 (among other anatomical curiosities, both human and animal) is at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia (there's a QT virtual tour on the site, but you can't zoom in too terribly close on most of the objects).
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Add Bone Clones as a place to get replicas for the house.

<2nd Ed AD&D geek> One of these days, I'm going to get their full platypus skeleton and claim it's a thought-eater. </2nd Ed AD&D geek>

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Brings back memories of zoology/taxonomy classes.

I can't remember which TV chef it was that suggested learning how to debone chickens/turkeys for turducken by studying those wooden T-rex skeleton toys.

Also, the very first issue (Vol. 1, No. 1, Jul. 3, 1880) of Science (SCIENCE!) has an article extolling teachers to "acquire" cats to teach pupils about the brain in addition to other parts of anatomy.
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Heh Sangre Azul - that does resemble what an illithid skull might look like - do they, in fact, have skulls, though?
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