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Revver It’s an elegant and wonderful idea: create a site to post videos, like YouTube and Google Video, but return advertising revenue to the artist. places a still frame ad after every posted video, and takes the unheard of step of splitting click-thru ad revenue 50/50 with the artist. Yes, HALF goes to the artist – better than any Hollywood distributor would think of offering. Now, this guy can post his failed attempt at a back flip, get 500,000 views, AND make over three thousand bucks in ad revenue. He surely could have gotten that traffic over at IFILM, except no three grand from them. The Revver system encourages decentralization, since videos are encoded and views tracked, no matter where the file sits on the net. Revver even gives a kick back to affiliate distributors, so this guy can aggregate other people’s videos and make money without even turning on a camera. Bandwidth intensive sites like this one plugged Revver servers into their main page, thus wiping out bandwidth fees and creating a new revenue stream. So, if you have independent video, you might as well post it somewhere cool enough to give you a slice of the pie. Revver is the only one. Everybody else will just take your cash.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I think there is something wrong with this.

Everybody else will just take your cash

That's exactly what everybody else said about the others.
posted by elpapacito at 4:22 PM on March 29, 2006

I can hardly wait for the first video of tasty Pepsi Blue.
posted by Malor at 4:27 PM on March 29, 2006

By 'artist', are you talking about the creator, or the poster? My investigation of the site implies that there's no assertion that the two are the same.

Even leaving commerical IP aside, this is going to get ugly when X makes $n,000 for stealing content from Y's website.
posted by arialblack at 4:30 PM on March 29, 2006

Whatever, this post was great, if only for that martial arts link alone. Glad to see market forces working in the favor of the artist.
posted by allen.spaulding at 4:30 PM on March 29, 2006

You've posted two times to the front page and both of them link to ""?

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So who's gonna do the song for this one?
posted by First Post at 4:35 PM on March 29, 2006

not it
posted by cortex at 5:03 PM on March 29, 2006

Flagged for: Pepsi Blue. Too long. Editorializing. Single link*. Single link posted twice in the same FPP. Use of "click here"-style undescriptive link text. Did I miss anything?

*All the other links are to stuff that's either already been posted here before or so well-known that they didn't need posting here before. Any articles about revver? What do users think? What do producers think? What are the IP/copyright issues?
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1. Download videos from

2. ???

sorry, I mean:

2. Upload it to ""

3. Profit????

posted by fire&wings at 5:07 PM on March 29, 2006

"Single link posted twicethrice in the same FPP"
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hmm. Only previous post by poster was about Cubical Carl, whose videos can be found at Revver.

Could this be a Cubical Carl self link?
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