Victorian crime and (perhaps) punishment
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The History of the Metropolitan Police offers a useful overview of both policework and assorted Shocking Crimes in nineteenth-century London. But there are so many more Victorian detectives--not to mention Victorian murderers--lurking about on the net. Sneak a peek at Charles Booth's notebooks, which record his walks with various London police officers, or read Charles Dickens' famous account of a night out with Inspector Charles Field (who later inspired Bleak House's Inspector Bucket). Put John Mapp on trial. Read some broadsides. Try to avoid Dr. Cream and Mary Ann Cotton. Executions, anyone? The Victorian Dictionary reprints a number of Victorian newspaper articles about criminal activity (click on "crime" to see a detailed listing). Of course, you can't forget this fellow.
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To avoid the crushers and stay in lavender, better learn the local flash patter on the fly, too.
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This is fantastic - I work on criminal justice issues and there is loads of food for thought here. Thanks!
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Very awesome.
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What Metafilter is for. Thanks, awfully.
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No kidding cenoxo. It's interesting the different lingo they use across the pond. Quaint expressions like "identification parade".

Excellent post, I particularly enjoy the historical cases.
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A wonderful post thanks thomas j wise. I hope these are in or to be added to your more than excellent Victoriana sidebar.
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Fascinating stuff. My several times great-uncle Nathaniel Druscovitch was involved in a scandal at Scotland Yard, a series of frauds which led directly to the creation of the CID. What saddens me is that his name is so intimately connected with the issue, when it was others who were the ringleaders.
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